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Customer Experience

Our CEC provides an opportunity for customers to see, touch and interact with the technology behind Industry 4.0, including innovations in additive manufacturing and VR/AR


The CAD MicroSolutions Customer Experience Centre (CEC) opened it’s doors in June 2018 to showcase the technology driving the new industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. As innovation enablers with over 30 years of experience providing 3D technology and training for the entire product development lifecycle, CAD MicroSolutions is uniquely positioned to help companies innovate, design and succeed in this new industrial era.

As CAD MicroSolutions continues to expand in the areas of additive manufacturing, virtual reality and augmented reality, the new facility gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the potential these innovative technologies possess.

Virtual Tour

Take a tour of our customer experience centre without leaving the comfort of your home. In this interactive tour, you’ll be able to see and learn about the ins and outs about every piece of technology we carry in the customer experience centre.

CAD micro tv

Looking for more information? Watch as our experts unpack the latest and greatest 4.0 technology.

Want more information?

Like the industry, the CAD MicroSolutions Customer Experience Centre is always evolving. If you didn’t see what you wanted on the virtual tour, get in touch with our knowleadgable staff for the latest updates one the CES or to book a live tour.