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The after Sales Solution for Businesses of all Sizes

Create interactive 2D and 3D spare parts catalogues to improve your after sales customer experience and drive more revenue. In a few quick steps, Components Engine enables you to create online, offline and hard copy format catalogues so that customers and maintenance people can easily identify the parts required to repair their product, and access associated information.

Key Benefits

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Increase After-Sales Turnover
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Optimize the use of resources
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Promote Customer Loyalty
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Maximize company data flow
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Improve customer satisfaction
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Customizable to best suit your needs

Components Engine IPC


Components Engine IPC (Interactive Parts Catalogue) is the all-in-one software for creating, updating and publishing interactive 2D and 3D spare parts catalogues.


Components engine Plus


Components Engine Plus is the service portal for sharing documentation and information with customers, dealers and service centres.


Components Engine Claims


Components Engine Claims is the online daily service report integrated with the spare parts portal.


Components engine products - services


Integration Landscape (the integration of our products with your company systems) and IPC Outsourcing (we create the catalog for you) are our most popular solutions.


The after sales solution for businesses of all sizes

Established in 1998,  Components engine is an expert in delivering software solutions catered to After-sales and Technical Publications departments. Components Engine is an end-user solution that generates interactive spare part catalogs.  Components engine software is tailored to meet the requirements of companies engaged in both series and custom production.

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Components Engine IPC


A Unique system for your spare parts catalogue

Interactive spare parts catalogues are an essential tool for companies at the forefront of after-sales management.

Components Engine IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalogue) is an innovative software for the creation, management and publication of spare parts catalogues.


In a few simple steps you can import different drawing formats, vector and raster, 20 and 30, make them interactive and link them to the BOM data.


ith the same software, it is possible to publish the interactive catalogue online and offline and create unlimited graphic layouts for printing the catalogue in paper and PDF format.


Thanks to the many search filters available, finding your product, adding spare parts to the shopping cart and consulting the accompanying documentation takes no time at all.


The Components Engine IPC is a complete spare parts sales system that maximizes profits by reducing errors in order management.

Components engine Plus


share news, documents and more from a single portal.

With Components Engine Plus, you can share news, documents and all kinds of after-sales information with different types of users on a single portal.

Components Engine Plus is a user-friendly platform that brings together information and documents in a single user interface, tailored to the user who is browsing. Internal staff, end customers, technicians and dealers will have access to dedicated areas where they can consult the latest news, technical and commercial documentation, graphics and any other information relevant to them.

The company has access to a simple tool that allows it to share data from different sources on a single digital platform. In addition to being able to profile information and documentation according to user group, it is possible to implement many other filters, such as language, market, format, type, etc…


Process Optimization

The company can make all the information and documents that usually reside on different systems and in different production locations available to it's sales network in a single environment.

Modular and versatile structure

Depending on the needs of the company, tailor-made modules can be implemented to optimize after-sales management.

Superior customer experience

Customers can access a web area where they can interact with the company in a guided and simplified way, thanks to the chat system and the information request form.

Security and data Protection

A high level of IT security ensures that the information managed s protected against attacks from outside.

Authentication and profile management

Users can log in, manage their profile and their data in full compliance with the latest privacy regulations.

Data Synchronization

It is possible to have a real­ time update of data and documents coming from other systems used by the company (management, ERP, etc.).

Components Engine Claims


The intervention report becomes electronic

Components Engine Claims is the service ticket management solution integrated with the spare parts catalogue. With Components Engine Claims, service technicians can compile service reports on the serial numbers assigned to them and, at the same time, enter the warranty parts they have replaced, selecting them directly from the spare parts catalogue.

By linking each technical report to a serial number, it is possible to find out all the work carried out and spare parts replaced on a given product for which the customer requires assistance.

Registration of Serial Numbers

History of operations by customer, system, etc.

Entering working hours and travel costs

Entering working hours and travel costs

Management of spare parts related to serial numbers under repair

Entering customer data

Components engine products - services

Integration landscape

We are connected with your company

The turnkey service to integrate our solutions with the company’s information systems (ERP, CRM, e-commerce) allows you to simplify internal communication and data sharing.

Single sign-on

This feature requires the user to provide login credentials in the company infrastructure to access all Components Engine resources without having to re-login.


The real-time integration between the management system and Components Engine allows the exchange of data between these two systems, to import descriptions, translations, prices, quantities and to manage orders and requests for quotation.


The online spare parts catalogue can be integrated with the company's e-commerce system. This prevents delayed shipments, out-of-stock orders and incorrectly priced items.


The synchronization between Components Engine and the company's IT systems can be done directly through calls to web services and APls.

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