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Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Industry 4.0 technology is leveraged in the Canadian Oil & Gas industry to quickly and cost-effectively produce parts that can meet the challenging conditions of the industry, while reducing downtime, bolstering supply chain resilience, and ensuring safety and integrity. Technologies such as additive manufacturing, 3D scanning or metrology, and advanced design and simulation software work together to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and foster innovation, positioning Canada’s oil and gas sector at the forefront of efficiency and sustainability in a rapidly evolving global market.

Cutting-edge Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

As the oil and gas industry evolves, so do the challenges and opportunities it presents. Advanced technology empowers companies in this sector to optimization exploration, production, and operations while maintaining safety and reducing operational costs and downtime, and improving innovation.

CAD MicroSolutions helps companies in the oil and gas sector to leverage technology to meet their goals of: improving operational efficiency, maintaining safety and environmental stewardship, and facilitating sustainable growth and resilience.

CAD MicroSolutions has strategic partnerships that provide cutting-edge technologies that allow us to offer the best suite of solutions to our customers.

Additive Manufacturing for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Additive Manufacturing for
the Oil & Gas Industry

Drive efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

Additive manufacturing oil and gas applications

Manufacture components with complex geometries to produce parts that are more efficient, durable, and resistant to harsh operating conditions.

Print parts where you need them, when you need them to eliminate lead times, optimize supply chain management and reduce costs associated with maintaining inventory of spare parts.

Accelerate the development cycle of new equipment and systems with the ability to quickly create physical models and test, evaluate, and validate designs.

Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming tooling processes and enable the consolidation of multiple components into a single 3D printed part, reducing assembly and inventory costs.

Enable onsite or near-site production of critical components to reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency and enhance overall field service capabilities.

Create parts with complex geometries, lightweight structures, and optimized internal channels such as impellers, valves and turbine blades with intricate cooling channels and improved aerodynamics to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements.

High performance polymers, metals and composites can offer enhanced properties such as improved resistance to corrosion, wear, or high temperatures, resulting in more durable and reliable equipment.

Reduce material waste, optimize designs for material usage, and minimize the carbon footprint associated with traditional manufacturing processes.

Design Software for
the Oil & Gas Industry

Improve efficiency, safety, and innovation throughout the project lifecycle.

design software oil and gas applications

Design and optimize equipment to meet industry-specific standards and requirements, including piping, tubing and weldments.

Create and manage intricate assemblies and interconnected systems, ensuring that all components fit and interact accurately.

Perform structural analysis, flow simulations, heat transfer studies and more to ensure equipment integrity, optimize performance and address safety considerations.

Leverage design validation and verification to ensure that equipment adheres to industry regulations and can withstand the challenging operating conditions in the field.

Quickly create physical prototypes for testing and validation, allowing for faster development cycles and efficient improvements to equipment design. Tap into a vast interconnected community of prototyping professionals via the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Engineers, designers, project managers and more can work together seamlessly to share design data and communicate project progress effectively.

Enable engineers and project stakeholders to visualize equipment and facilities in 3D to enhance communication and help decision-makers understand design concepts better.

Streamline documentation processes in order to generate accurate and detailed engineering drawings, BOMs, and other technical documentation required for manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance.

3D Scanning/Metrology
for the Oil & Gas Industry

Improve safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the exploration, production, and maintenance of oil and gas facilities.

3d scanning and metrology oil and gas applications

Enable accurate and detailed measurements of complex structures including pipelines, offshore platforms, and refineries, to facilitate timely inspections and maintenance planning.

Leverage reverse engineering for components that may have degraded or become obsolete over time. Create digital models that can be used to reproduce or redesign parts to optimize supply chain management and reduce downtime.

Enable the creation of precise as-built documentation, capturing the exact dimensions and positions of equipment, piping and structures which is crucial for project management, future modifications and compliance with regulations.

Ensure dimensional control during construction, reducing errors and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of facilities.

Assess the structural integrity of critical components to identify defects or deformations without damaging equipment, to ensure the safety and reliability of operations.

Inspect and monitor pipeline conditions to detect anomalies and corrosion along the length of the pipeline in order to identify potential areas of concern and manage integrity.

Deploy 3D scanning in challenging environments such as offshore rigs or remote onshore sites to enable efficient inspection without compromising safety.

Document as-built conditions of aging oil and gas facilities for decommissioning purposes. Accurate 3D models help in planning the safe and environmentally responsible removal of equipment and structures

Use 3D scanning to provide the foundational data to create accurate digital twins, in order to enable real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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