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Cadence stands as a prominent leader in electronic systems design, drawing from over 30 years of expertise in computational software. Employing its overarching Intelligent System Design approach, the company delivers software, hardware, and IP solutions that transform design concepts into tangible realities.

Cadence’s clientele comprises the world’s most forward-thinking enterprises, crafting remarkable products ranging from chips to systems, chemicals to pharmaceuticals, and specifications to manufacturing for a diverse array of dynamic market applications. These applications encompass hyperscale computing, 5G communications, automotive, mobile, aerospace, consumer goods, industrial sectors, and life sciences.

Key Benefits

Reduce Bottenecks

Cadence software helps you save time so you can deliver your projects on time, reducing bottlenecks for internal work coordination

Increase Efficiency

Minimize the time and effort required for system analysis, advance development, and validation of secure software.

Add Value

Develop embedded systems that differentiate your company with high performance, high quality, and secure functionality in end-use applications


Freedom to design boldly. 

Insight to unlock your potential. OrCAD X empowers engineers to create superior PCBs more efficiently through its enhanced 3D engine and streamlined interface. Seize command of the PCB design journey with the robust Allegro X constraint engine, live DRCs, and instant access to part details. Enhance your understanding with upgraded visualization of constraints and analysis outcomes. Foster collaboration within a unified environment for team-based project workspaces and centralized libraries.


  • Enables new designers to easily, quickly, and accurately create a PCB
  •  Production-proven solution, design and build with confidence
  •  Basic data management in a cloud infrastructure
  •  Solid entry level product with scalability into the full range of Cadence Solutions

Professionals, small businesses, and teams

  •  Robust features that are easy to learn and use
  • More advanced PCB design features
  • Cloud data management and collaboration
  •  Solid entry level product with scalability into the full range of Cadence Solutions

Allegro X

A unified platform for system design

Allegro X Design Platform offers engineers a system design platform that integrates logic/physical design, system analysis, and design data management for PCB and system design. Allegro X enables electrical engineers to finish their designs from any entry: idea, schematic, simulation, layout, manufacturing, and more.


  • Advanced PCB technology for the most complex electronic systems
  • For mature processes requiring collaboration, communication, and integration across teams
  • Scalability into uncompromised capability
  • System Capture enables EE productivity with design reliability and design rule checks

Key Benefits

OrCAD Familiarity Meets Allegro Power 

  • Unleash your capabilities with a layout environment featuring a contemporary, user-friendly interface, incorporating the formidable Allegro X constraint engine. 

Take Control of Your Environment 

  • Optimize your screen space and enhance visibility with floating panels, tailor your workspace with shortcut keys, and seamlessly navigate and visualize with cross-probing. 

Display Controls and Visualization 

  • Seize command of your display and enhance concentration with parametric graphical highlights, filters, and navigation. 

Integrated 3D Canvas with Flex and 3D DRC 

  • Utilize the interactive 3D canvas and 3D DRC featuring flex bending and enclosures to visualize your product during the design phase, allowing you to detect and resolve any issues, thus ensuring design integrity within space limitations. 

Design with Vision. Insight Where and When You Need It 

  • Utilizing integrated analysis and real-time visual guidance, you can refine component selection and values, and gain clearer insight into placement and routing, all while adhering to your specified constraints with Live DRC. 

In-design Analysis from Capture to Manufacture 

  • In-design Analysis delivers swift and precise results directly, eliminating the need for translation or data transfer between tools. By visually interpreting these analysis outcomes, you gain the insight required to comprehend the effects of your simulations, enabling informed decision-making across the design lifecycle. 

Reduce Costs and Increase Reliability with OrCAD PSpice 

  • Conduct Smoke Analysis to assess component reliability and tolerance testing. Employ Sensitivity Analysis to enhance production cost optimization through component tolerance assessments. 

Dynamic Updates for Your Final Documentation 

  • Guarantee precision and eliminate time-consuming revisions with LiveDOC. Template-based automated fabrication and assembly drawings stay aligned with the original design, seamlessly accommodating any necessary adjustments, all within a unified document. 

DesignTrue DFM 

  • With a comprehensive range of over 100 essential constraint checks, effortlessly pinpoint prevalent manufacturability errors to ensure designs are tailored for fabrication, assembly, and testing. Effectively convey design intentions to top manufacturers and obtain the necessary technology files. 

Generate Manufacturing Files from a Single Location 

  • Set up and produce necessary manufacturing output files from one centralized location, with the added capability to include your LiveDOC in the generated set. 

Centralize and Manage Your Data with Team Workspaces

  • Custom project workflows and templates enable expedited design cycles like never before. Effortlessly oversee and assess design modifications with a comprehensive version history.

Easily Build and Maintain a Robust Centralized Library

Leverage the Component Explorer to search, evaluate, procure, and publish components using current and precise data from integrated content providers, simplifying the process of creating and distributing your Library. Real-time updates guarantee that your components are equipped with the most recent information sourced directly.

Design for Reuse with Known Good Circuits

  • Speed up your design workflow by capitalizing on pre-existing and validated circuitry rather than consistently beginning anew. OrCAD Capture facilitates the reuse of subcircuits through hierarchical blocks, fostering the effective utilization of established designs. By crafting and overseeing reusable modules derived from finalized circuitry, you can streamline your PCB layout procedure and mitigate potential signal integrity or thermal concerns.

Concurrent 2-Person PCB Design with Symphony

  • With cloud-enabled 2-person design, team members can simultaneously leverage their expertise on the same design in real-time, eliminating the need to pause work or save and exchange files and messages. Collaborate seamlessly and sustain your momentum.

Collaborate with Context Using Design Markup

  • Effortlessly engage with your team within the context of your design. Clearly convey intentions, address inquiries, and stay focused by annotating and communicating directly within your design.

MCADX for SolidWorks

  • Achieve seamless data transfer in both directions to effortlessly minimize errors and enable your ECAD and MCAD teams to collaborate simultaneously on a design, ensuring validation, collaboration, and consistency.

Continuous BOM Updates

  • Provide visibility to designers, engineers, procurement, and the supply chain through LiveBOM data sourced from Silicon Expert.

Seamless Accuracy

Offers Seamless Accuracy-Performance Continuum from Block-Level Simulation Through Chip-Level Verification.

As the foremost solution in the industry for precise analog simulation, the Cadence Spectre Simulation Platform offers a comprehensive array of custom simulation solutions tailored for analog and mixed-signal design and verification teams. The platform features multiple solvers that serve as the computational backbone, enabling designers to seamlessly transition between circuit-level, block-level, and system-level simulation tasks. These solvers are seamlessly integrated with a diverse range of complementary technologies, delivering the most comprehensive solution available for custom verification challenges. At the core of the platform lies a unified set of technologies shared across all SPICE engines—covering aspects such as the parser, device models, Verilog-A behavioral modeling, input and output data formats, and more—ensuring consistent and accurate evaluation methodologies regardless of the chosen simulator. 

Key benefits

Supported by silicon-accurate common device models, the Golden SPICE accuracy ensures robust verification of analog, RF, memory, custom digital, and mixed-signal silicon realization. 

Leverage massively distributed simulation capabilities, utilizing hardware with up to 256 cores for SPICE simulations and up to 32 cores for FastSPICE simulations. 

Effectively manages modern designs comprising millions of transistors and billions of parasitic layout elements. 

Facilitates smooth and effortless transitions between circuit-level, block-level, and chip-level simulations and tasks, supporting both command-line and Virtuoso ADE Suite use models. 

New Cadence Allegro X Design Platform Revolutionizes System Design

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