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Built on industry leading Abaqus technology, SIMULIAworks gives novices and experts alike the power to perform complex linear and non-linear analyses to validate product designs and make better-informed product decisions faster. Being part of the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS portfolio means any engineer can easily access advanced simulation without the need for expensive hardware. An added benefit is faster product delivery, thanks to real-time collaboration and data sharing capabilities. 

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  • Maintain continuity with SOLIDWORKS data and workflows 
  • Reduce investments in hardware and IT infrastructure 
  • Choose the simulation solutions that scales to your project needs 
  • Conduct analyses with proven and scalable Abaqus technology 
  • Leverage implicit and explicit solvers for linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic events 
  • Create high quality meshes and solve complex simulations such as drop test and impact 
  • Share status and results with your team to make design decisions faster 
  • Access and visualize 3D simulation results from anywhere with a web browser 
  • Save, manage, and iterate on your projects from any browser 

Simulia product portfolio

SIMULIA Durability and Mechanics Engineer

SIMULIA Durability and Mechanics Engineer

Durability simulation helps to predict accurate fatigue lives and ensure complex engineering products are designed for durability thus avoiding late re-design, minimizing physical tests, reducing warranty costs, and extending life in service.

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SIMULIA durability performance engineer

SIMULIA Durability Performance Engineer

SIMULIA Durability Performance Engineer provides all the functionality of the SIMULIA Structural Performance Engineer role, enriched with best-in-class durability analysis capabilities. Durability simulation helps to predict accurate fatigue lives and ensure complex engineering products are designed for durability thus avoiding late re-design, minimizing physical tests, reducing warranty costs, and extending

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Simulia electromagnetics engineer

SIMULIA Electromagnetics Engineer

Electromagnetics Engineer delivers proven best-in-class CST Studio Suite technology used in leading engineering and technology companies around the world. Electromagnetics Engineer offers a host of capabilities.

Electromagnetics Engineer offers a broad range of solution methods with a unique capability to identify and mitigate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI)

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SIMULIA fluid dynamics engineer - Perform fluid flow and heat transfer simulations

SIMULIA Fluid Dynamics Engineer

With SIMULIA Fluid Dynamics Engineer, evaluate product alternatives and accelerate product innovation with fluid flow and thermal performance analysis capabilities. With a guided interface, Fluid Dynamics Engineer assists in setting up simulations and evaluating the results making simulation tools within reach for all designers and design engineers.
Easily predict steady-state

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SIMULIA plastic injection engineer role

SIMULIA Plastic Injection Engineer

SIMULIA Plastic Injection Engineer enables the validation and optimization of plastic part and mold tooling designs by simulating the filling, packing, warpage, and mold cooling early in the product development process.

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SIMULIA structural design engineer

SIMULIA Structural Designer

SIMULIA Structural Designer delivers guided workflows to efficiently evaluate stress, strain, natural frequency, and temperature during the design process. SIMULIA Structural Designer is an intuitive simulation role for designers with structures that experience static loads with linear material behavior that do not undergo large deformation under load.

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SIMULIA structural Engineer

SIMULIA Structural Engineer

SIMULIA Structural Engineer provides design engineers with intuitive tools to perform linear structural simulations during the design process. Structural Engineer offers comprehensive simulation modeling and post-processing tools as well as additional analysis types such as modal dynamic and harmonic studies. With Structural Engineer, a design engineer can evaluate KPIs of

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SIMULIA Structural Mechanics Engineer

SIMULIA Structural Mechanics Engineer

Structural Mechanics Engineer enables you to perform complex linear and non-linear analysis under realistic conditions to validate designs and make better informed product decisions faster. By connecting SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, your engineering team can collaborate in real time and securely share simulation results from anywhere, on

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SIMULIA structural performance engineer

SIMULIA Structural Performance Engineer

Structural Performance Engineer is an advanced simulation role that enables SOLIDWORKS users to perform linear, non-linear, static and low-speed dynamic events structural simulations by leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) on the cloud. Featuring Abaqus® technology, this role enables you to run simulations on the cloud or on your local computer, and

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