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Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation company.

Our products and systems enable real understanding of information and data, with 3D interactivity giving every project a new dimension.

Advanced visualisation, simulation and VR offer an immersive experience, as well as delivering a valuable return on investment.

Virtalis will arm you with an essential set of tools to improve your competitiveness.

CADMicro TV meets Virtalis

CAD Micro TV learned all about virtual reality at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 in LA. Virtalis provides Visionary Render software that allows users to access and experience a real-time, interactive and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environment created from huge 3D datasets.

Video: CAD Micro TV - ep 6. SOLIDWORKS World 2017: Virtalis

ACTIVEWALL is an installed, immersive, interactive 3D visualisation system that is the industry benchmark for both price and performance. ActiveWall is Virtalis’ best selling interactive 3D visualisation system and probably the best selling VR system in the world.



Virtalis creates turnkey VR systems that provide seamless CAD integration to help businesses radically improve their design processes. Virtalis’ systems and services reduce design errors, foster understanding and communication, reduce or eliminate physical prototypes and, above all, reduce risk.


Better understanding and communication lead to more efficient manufacturing. This is exactly what VR does, as companies like BAE, Leyland Truck and Rolls Royce attest.

Operations teams can review virtual prototypes to highlight manufacturing issues earlier, to better understand the human factors implications and to be able to train production line staff to get it right first time. This improves product build quality and reduces errors and levels of rework. It also reduces end-user issues and warranty claims.


Virtalis VR has radically improved maintenance procedures and training for maintenance in both industry and in the defence sector, saving time and money and increasing safety.

Customers often describe their Virtalis VR system as a communication hub, where barriers are broken down and everyone is able to interact and speak the same language. This is never truer than in this area.


VR is an extremely powerful tool for research, helping academics, scientists and students do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, thanks to its power as a communication tool.

Virtalis has worked with many of the world’s leading research and academic bodies. Our technology can be harnessed to a wide number of applications within education and research, as our range of case studies demonstrates.

Some of the most intriguing are in the sphere of psychological research, as virtual worlds can be created that give reliable repeatability without any variation, enabling the researchers to focus solely of the reactions of their subjects.


Virtual training enables risks to students and equipment to be completely eliminated. Add tracking, sound and possibly virtual touch (haptics) too and information becomes assimilated easily through life-like experience.

Customers routinely use VR for training their staff. The British Armed Forces use Virtalis’ Helicopter Crew Reality trainer, seen worldwide to be the blue riband of helicopter crew training.


Clients repeatedly say that the deep understanding our systems bring is truly transformational to their marketing efforts. The queues at their exhibition booths and the audible “wow” provide clear evidence of this. They have also proved to be invaluable for market research and focus group exercises. Being memorable and being seen as innovative are good for differentiating you in your market and adding value to your reputation and brand.

The wow factor is down to the software and the systems we supply. We can work with just about any data from major CAD packages to specialist niche providers. Our developers have created software bridges that maintain the fidelity of your existing data, but render it smoothly in 3D. It is as simple as that once you add the key elements of Virtalis know-how and experience.


GeoVisionary was developed by Virtalis in collaboration with the British Geological Survey as specialist software for high-resolution visualisation of spatial data. GeoVisionary 3 has built upon this visualisation ability to add analysis and interpretation of large and complex, multi-source datasets.

One of the major advantages GeoVisionary offers over other visualisation software (3 & 4D GIS) is its ability to integrate very large volumes of data from multiple sources, allowing a greater understanding of diverse spatial datasets. Virtalis’ 20 years of expertise in Virtual Reality (VR) and handling large engineering CAD datasets meant that we were uniquely placed to create software capable of high-resolution 3D stereo visualisation that is limited only by the resolution of the data.

GV3 Features
  • Ability  to digitise between boreholes, interpreting data to link them
  • Live editing of shape files
  • Ability to automatically blend multi-resolution terrain from different sources to create instant slope and aspect maps
  • Can be linked to environmental monitoring equipment and databases to visualise real-time data sources such as river flow, seismic sensors and GPS data tracks from vehicles and aircraft 
  • The OGC-compliant web services support enables browsing and query of web-based geoscience and GIS data sources, allowing them to be incorporated into information rich visualisations
Video: Video showing the exciting new capabilities of GeoVisionary Version 2


ACTIVEWORKS visualisation systems form the technological core of Virtalis’ advanced visualisation installations and stereoscopic 3D displays.

The ACTIVEWORKS portfolio of immersive display systems are flexible and scalable and can be configured and specified to meet your needs, based on what you want to visualise, the space available and the numbers of users involved. Our in-depth knowledge of many industry sectors, together with our unparalleled visualisation experience and development resources, will allow you to access the most advanced technologies.

Virtalis’ world-famous development team has created a portfolio of powerful software designed solely with the 3D environment in mind. These tools allow users to access and experience a real-time, interactive and immersive VR environment created from their huge 3D digital datasets, ranging from engineering CAD to geodata. With VISIONARY RENDER at its core, we have created GEOVISIONARY with the British Geological Survey, and various modules and add-ons to support specific markets and uses.



ACTIVEWALL is Virtalis’ best-selling interactive 3D visualisation system, providing a scalable immersive and interactive installed VR environment. You can explore information and data and stimulate intra and inter-disciplinary communications, facilitating a level of understanding often unattainable using conventional methods. The improved understanding our systems bring will transform your design reviews, manufacturing processes, training programmes and marketing efforts.

Systems can be single or blended multi-channel, with optional head and hand movement tracking. An ACTIVEWALL can be linked to other ACTIVEWORKS systems so that remotely located participants can interact together simultaneously in the virtual scene.



ACTIVECUBE is considered by many to be the ultimate interactive 3D visualisation system. It achieves a high level of immersion thanks to the stereoscopic images fired at multiple screens surrounding the user. Believability is further reinforced by the integral tracking, which allows entirely natural, real-time interaction with objects in the virtual world.

“The main reason we chose Virtalis is because they have the experience and expertise to support us, not just with their immersive displays, but in developing specialist software applications that will benefit our students and the wider business community.”
Stuart Wayne, NVision’s Manager



ACTIVESPACE is a head-mounted display (HMD) interactive 3D visualisation system that provides commercial and academic users the ultimate immersive 360° experience for an affordable price using professional or consumer HMDs. You have the flexibility and freedom to move around in your virtual environment, totally unrestricted. Many people who would like to bring the power of 3D into their organisations are constrained by the space available for a VR system. ACTIVESPACE is the perfect solution, enabling you to benefit from all the power of fully tracked Virtual Reality in a tiny area.

“We turned to Virtalis because we trust their VR advice. Our ActiveSpace is used to help inform and develop the layout, design and narrative of the next generation of computer games.”
Dr. Kenneth Scott-Brown, Psychology Lecturer at Abertay University



ACTIVEDESK provides a wholly immersive and interactive virtual environment in which to better explore and understand information and data at and around your desk. Immersive environments stimulate multi-disciplinary communications, facilitating a level of understanding for you and others before linking up in a larger display system.

Huge advances in 3D desktop visualisation tools mean Virtalis has been able to draw on this technology and integrate them to create ACTIVEDESK. We have developed drivers that bring Visionary Render models onto the zSpace and into a range of head-mounted displays for commercial and academic users.



ACTIVEMOVE is a transportable, interactive 3D visualisation system that is setting the industry benchmark for both price and performance. ACTIVEMOVE is transported in two, custom, wheeled cases specifically designed for local and international shipping, making it easy to share between locations. It is ideal for delivering and supporting marketing events and training workshops.

“With VR, we’ve moved from a PowerPoint to a hands-on model. We can even show it at 1:1 scale, to teach students how it works without having to climb to the top of a utility pole. The technology is familiar to our students, as they grew up with virtual world computer games.”
Patrick Hallihan, Senior training and engineering instructor, National Grid, US