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I had a great experience taking this course, it was very complete, fun and very well explained. The staff and especially our instructor were great at all times. Great service in and outside the classroom. I strongly recommend this course to new users and to users that want to understand the basics from the very beginning.

Really appreciate the flexible “walk-in” yesterday. We learned a lot and enjoyed talking to the Technician.

Excellent course, our instructor was eager to help us understand not only the mechanics of the SolidWorks program but also the ‘Design Intent’ behind modelling. He was able to demonstrate several methods of accessing features and stressed the importance of knowing where to look rather than simple memorization. Questions were answered with illustrative examples for concept both in the course material and beyond the ‘essentials’. I will look forward to taking another course for more advanced topics, especially with this instructor.

Terrific experience. I went from zero to effectively understanding the tool and designing with SolidWorks in 5 days! Thanks much!

Prior to taking this course, I did not have any knowledge of SolidWorks & its features. I understood it was a drawing/design software but that was the extent my knowledge went. After taking this course I have gained great insight and knowledge into the foundations and essentials of SolidWorks. Though this software is extensive, the teaching and material from this course imparted a great introductory & almost intermediate level knowledge, which exceeded my expectations. I have built great confidence in SolidWorks by the teaching of my instructor, as he engaged the material enthusiastically and conveyed the information such that a beginner such as myself could proactively understand. Overall I highly recommend this course.

The instructor did a fantastic job at teaching this course. I have gone through 7 years of post-graduate schooling and have yet been able to find a knowledgeable instructor that also possesses the ability to effectively transfer their knowledge onto their students. All this changed after this course. It takes a special instructor to be able to cover all the required material (as planned) and go beyond what is required to cover, all within the same time limit and not cutting corners. The instructor did a remarkable job at teaching this course. At the moment, I have no comments on how this course can be improved. It was one of the best courses I have ever attended.

I found the instructor’s style of teaching very clear and consistent. I appreciated his approach to answering questions. He is tactical with his ability to show multiple ways in which one could reach their intended goal. He was very encouraging, mindful and respectful. Not at any time did I feel uncomfortable or rushed. He regularly reinforced his teachings by reviewing what was previously covered in new sections of the course. 1st Class at it`s finest Thank you for letting me be a part of the class I would be very interested in moving to the next levels.

I’m still in the process of working with our AE on my programs and haven’t had time to write how satisfied I am with the direction and training that I have received from him. He is a great resource of knowledge and covered the material at a reasonable pace to ensure we learned as much as we could over the period of time we trained together. We covered a wide variety of topics, allowing for growth of knowledge in programming Microsoft application interfaces as well as SolidWorks interfaces. I have been able to apply this knowledge directly to the three programs I am currently working on, with the intent of adding to the automation of modelling for our department/company in the near future. I can’t really comment on what could be added to the course, since our AE has gone above and beyond the initial course content to work with me individually, allowing me to progress beyond the knowledge of the original course. Currently, I am working with him on Tuesday afternoons debugging and programming, adding additional features to my programs to ensure they do not crash under a variety of different situations. Thank you for offering this course.

I enjoy working with CAD Micro! They offer great support by really analyzing the issue and providing a detailed solution for my mechanical and PCB requirements. Wonderful experience every time!

CADMicro precisely sized my needs and helped me through the selection process of the right product for Canimex Group. Even if SolidWorks PCB is new on the market, CADMicro provides good and quick technical support. SolidWorks PCB allows me to be productive in my PCB design for embedded systems by having an interface similar to Altium Designer with a mechanical/electrical collaboration well implemented in the software.

Great! I loved it, I learned more than I had expected, really simple and easy to follow. The instructor is very knowledgeable, I am glad that I took this course.

The SolidWorks Simulation course at CAD MicroSolutions is an essential course for those looking to expand their SolidWorks skills and become proficient in the simulation environment. The instructor was very knowledgeable and I came away with a deeper understanding of the FEA process and a greater confidence in achieving meaningful results using the software.

The introduction to Solid Works with the Essentials course was very intensive and thorough. As a completely new Solid Works student, I was amazed by how much I could learn in just a 5 day course. The facilities at CAD MicroSolutions were top notch, and the instructor was very helpful (and patient) with teaching this content to new students. Also, the lunches that were provided each day were excellent. It was an amazing opportunity to take this course at your company.

We’ve been dealing with a lot of equipment vendors and you guys are by far the best to deal with.

Once again, thank you for your help. We are extremely appreciative of your support and because of it we’ll be able to get the custom-made adapted toys out to our clients on time.

We worked with CAD MicroSolutions to select a large format 3D printer for our company’s new rapid prototyping endeavours. They were extremely helpful and offered multiple options and outlined the pros and cons of each. We ultimately chose the Form 3L printer from Formlabs and are extremely happy with our choice. It will be a very useful tool for our company’s future development projects. CAD MicroSolutions’ installation support and training was very useful for our engineering team.

I just wanted to say a special thank-you to you and the Metrology team at CAD Micro for the Dimensional Part Analysis. It’s helped us define the capabilities of our digital dull bit forensic scanner system and we look forward to working together on future projects. Your expertise, technical know how and the tools you supply are second to none.

I am a cad guy from back in the 1980's wireframe days and it's so nice to be able to use some of these surfacing tools that I would say are crucial to mold design as to 3d CNC programing. It's like Cad Micro opened up a new door for me. SolidWorks Surface Modeling: Man what a great course! Both guys did a great job teaching it