SOLIDWORKS PDM API Fundamentals Training


The Administering SOLIDWORKS PDM course, basic experience with the SOLIDWORKS PDM software, experience with the Windows(R) operating system, and knowledge of a programming language, preferably Visual Basic™ 2005 or later.


2 Days

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This course teaches programmers how to use the SOLIDWORKS PDM API (Application Programming Interface) to automate and customize SOLIDWORKS PDM. The focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts needed to begin using the API to develop applications that can interact with SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Completing this course will help you:

Course outline

  • COM Programming
  • Application Type
  •  Namespace
  •  The IEdmVault Interfac
  •  DebuggerFeedback
  • Logging into a Vaul
  •  Handling HRESULT Return Code
  •  Interface Versionin
  •  Exercise l: Connecting to a Vault
  • The IEdmObject Interfac
  •  The IEdmFile Interfac
  •  The IEdmFolder Interfac
  •  The IEdmPos Interfac
  •  Case Study:File Traversa
  •  Case Study:Folder Traversa
  •  File References
  •  The I Edm Batch-Listing Interface
  •  The IEdmClear-LocalCache Interface
  •  Case Study:Reference Tree Traversal
  •  Exercise 2: Traverse Files and Folders
  • The IEdmUser Interface
  •  Exercise 3: Find Users
  • Card Variables
  • File Versions and Revisions
  •  The IEdmDictionary Interface
  •  Exercise 4: Find Cards where a Variable is Used
  •  Exercise 5: Find Revisions That Use a Component
  •  The IEdmAddln Interface
  •  Case Study: Creating an Add-In
  •  COM Registration
  •  Debugging a DLL
  •  Case Study:Changing Card Variable Values
  •  Case Study:Generating Serial Numbers
  •  Installing an Add-In
  •  Exercise 6: State Change
  • Case Study:Simple Task Add-In
  •  Case Study:Check Number of Days in State
  •  The IEdmSearch Interface
  •  The IEdmWorkflowMgr Interface
  •  The IEdmWorkflow Interface
  •  Exercise 7: Scheduled Tasks

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