Aerospace industry leaders are improving responsiveness to rapidly shifting supply chains and labor availability with additive manufacturing, from on-demand MRO and spare parts in commercial aviation to innovation in Urban Air Mobility.

AM gives modern manufacturers the simplest way to build with materials they already know, expanding the range of what’s possible with new technological developments. Fabricate end-use carbon fiber composites unattended, overnight. Skip multi-week lead times and expedite fees for composite prototypes, tools, and fixtures. Print parts in high-performance thermoplastics with excellent flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) properties, with the strength and weight benefits of continuous carbon fiber reinforcement (CFR).

How has composite 3D printing been used in the aerospace industry up until now, and how can it be used in the future? This e-book provides an overview of:

+ How additive manufacturing fits into the aerospace industry

+ How aerospace companies overcome compliance and regulatory hurdles when using additive manufacturing

+ What overlooked applications in tooling and prototyping can reduce lead times and cut costs?

+ What advanced composite materials are available for in-flight aerospace applications

+ How automated in-process inspection technologies work to create strong parts ready for use as soon as the print completes.

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