3DCreate: Visual Components

Plant Layout And Process Simulation Suite

SolidWorks Visual Components

Visual Components is an affordable plant layout and process simulation suite of software that leverages native SolidWorks data. Drag-and-drop equipment designed in SolidWorks as easily as you cut and paste text within a document.

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What is SolidWorks 3DCreate?

3DCreate delivers discrete event and robotic simulation on the one platform for complete simulation and visualization of modern manufacturing systems. Now everyone can access 3D simulation models using layered products and reusable components that simply snap together to form new layouts. Bringing 3D CAD data to life as a simulation component supports an organization and its trading partners on many levels.

The lifelike simulation behavior is a tool for engineers to analyze system performance in fine detail, and it's a tool for customers to reduce their risk in proposal selection. By wrapping complex simulation behavior within a reusable and user-friendly visual component package, 3DCreate provides a means for system integrators and salespeople to configure equipment into valid layouts quickly and easily. A visual component will support all the simulation and visualization needs from product development, marketing, and sales through to training and final product documentation.

3DCreate makes it possible for any user to quickly generate working modules or production systems within a short period of time. You can compare different layouts, equipment selections, and throughput possibilities in real time with staff, suppliers, and customers. Having the machines move and parts flow adds the required dimension a wide audience needs to understand a manufacturing process.

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Visual Components capabilities

An affordable plant layout and process-simulation suite that leverages native SolidWorks data, 3D Discrete Event, and Robot Simulation in one platform. Visual Components enables manufacturers to achieve significant productivity improvements. Listed below, are some of the powerful features that Visual Component users benefit from. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please use the box below.

3D Create

3DCreate is the premium package of the Visual Components’ software family. It offers all functions you need to create new simulation components from existing 3D CAD data and simulate complete factory layouts.

3D Realize

3DRealize makes it possible for any user to quickly generate working simulation layouts from ready made equipment libraries. Different layouts, equipment selections and possibilities can be easily tested to find the most suitable solution to your customer’s wishes.

3D Simulate

3DSimulate is a multi-purpose simulation and visualization tool with extensive built-in tools for statistical analysis of production systems and machinery. It offers layout designers an integrated tool with in-built reports and interface for communicating with external systems.

3D Automate

3DAutomate was created to fully support the complex demands of the automotive industry. The patented technology behind 3DAutomate is refined to the last bit and it is truly unique in the world of simulation engines. Yet, this is not what we want you to think about. As a 3DAutomate user, all you notice is how easy to understand and visually appealing your layout plans become ­— easy and fast.

  • Large-model support
  • An in-built PLC validation framework
  • Offline programming tools
  • Versatile visualization options such as Point Cloud and LOD
  • Smart path generation for robotic processes
  • Statistical analysis and reporting tools
  • COM and Python APIs for application developers
  • Icon based sequence editor
  • Ready-made components
  • 3D PDF