BIMDeX provides a platform for effortless data exchange between various CAD, Design and BIM Software

Export Native Parametric Revit Files

The BIMDeX Revit Exporter for SolidWorks is a data exchange tool which creates parametric Revit Families/Projects from SolidWorks parts and assemblies.

What is BIMDeX?

BIMDeX is for anyone that uses SOLIDWORKS to design or manufacture products for buildings and/or needs to provide native parametric Revit files as part of a project, bidding and sales process or for upload to online library sites.

Typical products include furniture, millwork, store fixtures, lighting, HVAC equipment; any equipment that that is required to be in a Revit family format so that Architectural and Interior design firms can import your product into Revit in a manageable manner.

Video: BIMDeX Corporate Video
Benefits of BIMDeX

CAD MicroSolutions offers two options. You can either purchase the required software or we will do the required conversions for you on a contract basis.

The benefits of using BIMDeX are:
  • Fast and easy translation of SOLIDWORKS assemblies to native Revit parametric family and project files
  • Provide your clients with content they requested and not content that is difficult for them to use.
  • Reduce the time and effort by more than 70%
  • Knowledge of BIM is not required
  • Reduce remodeling errors