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Reinvent design, prototyping and manufacturing up to 10x faster with HP 3D printing solutions.

The HP Jet Fusion Printing Solution reinvents how you prototype and produce functional parts, delivering quality output, up to 10 times faster at half the cost!

Unlock the full potential of 3D printing with HP

Transform part properties voxel by voxel enabling a future of limitless applications, materials, and colors. Imagine a future where we can produce ‘smart parts’ with embedded electronics and integrated traceability and intelligence. HP is here to help your business get ready for the future era of digital manufacturing.

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology’s multi-agent and multi-pass printing process | 3D Printing | HP

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Jet Fusion 500/300 Series

The most compact HP Jet Fusion 3D devices, designed for convenient in-house automated production

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Jet Fusion 500/300 – HP Jet Fusion 500/300 series 3D printers

Accelerate your design – create, test, iterate in just hours

Increase productivity by producing multiple design iterations in the same time it takes to print a single part

Produce accurate, functional parts with intricate detail

Produce engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with optimal mechanical properties

Create full spectrum colour parts with a voxel-control system

Stay ahead of the competition with a future-ready technology and produce full-colour, black or white functional parts

Jet Fusion 4200

Industrial prototyping and final part production

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Jet Fusion 4200 – HP Jet Fusion 4200 industrial 3D printing solution

Quality, functional parts

  • Ideal for functional prototyping and short-run production
  • Achieve predictable print time and parts with best-in-class isotropy
  • Choose between print modes tuned for mechanical/functional/aesthetic properties, accuracy, and speed

Optimized productivity

  • Produce more parts per day with continuous printing
  • Streamlines, cleaner experience with enclosed, automated mixing of materials
  • Rely on HP’s world class HP Jet Fusion 3D Solution Services to maximize uptime and productivity

Optimized costs

  • Reduce operation costs, opening your doors to short-run production
  • Invest in a competitively priced 3D printing solutions and produce at a low cost per part
  • Optimize cost and part quality, with cost-efficient materials

Jet Fusion 5200 Series

Unleash new growth and scale production with HP’s most advanced plastics 3D printing solution

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Jet Fusion 5200 – HP Jet Fusion 5200 series industrial 3D printing solution

Manufacturing predictability

  • Quality – from fine detail to textures
  • Dimensional accuracy and repeatability that rivals industrial tooling – faster
  • Functional parts with best-in-class isotropy
  • Maximize equipment uptime

Breakthrough economics

  • Best-in-class economics and productivity
  • Consistent print time for any type of part
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Centralized job tracking and production fleet streamlined workflow and HP’s most economical continuous 3D printing

Expand into new applications and markets

  • Address more final part applications with new levels of repeatable accuracy
  • Produce applications with flexible, elastomeric properties with TPU
  • Deliver a breadth of applications for various markets

HP 3D Printing Materials

Providing Optimal Quality and High Reusability at a Low Cost Per Part

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