FormLabs 3D Printers

Powerful, affordable 3D printers for professionals

Form 2

Intuitive, reliable stereolithography for the desktop

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Fuse 1

The industrial power of selective laser sintering for the benchtop

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Formlabs Resin Library

Advanced materials designed to deliver beautiful results.

Our Engineering Resins are formulated to help you reduce costs and iterate faster, and include: Grey Pro, Rigid, Durable, Tough, Flexible, and High Temp.

Case Study: Coalesce

Speeding up design and test cycles in medical device development with in-house 3D printing

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Case Study: Pankl Racing Systems

Reducing Costs and Lead Time in Manufacturing with Next-Day Custom Jigs

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Case Study: Paralenz

From the Drawing Board to 200 Meters Undersea

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Case Study: Wöhler

Creating Functional Prototypes with Multiple Materials

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