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SolidWorks Plastics

SolidWorks Plastics

SolidWorks Plastics brings easy-to-use injection molding simulation directly to the designers of plastic parts and injection molds. It simulates how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process to predict manufacturing-related defects on parts and molds. You can quickly evaluate manufacturability while you design, to eliminate costly mold rework, improve part quality, and accelerate time to market. A Results Adviser provides troubleshooting steps and practical design advice to help diagnose and solve potential problems.

SolidWorks Plastics Professional

For plastics part designers, SolidWorks Plastics Professional enables you to optimize parts for manufacturability in the early stages of design. Easy to learn and use, SolidWorks Plastics Professional is fully embedded within the SolidWorks CAD environment so you can analyze and modify designs at the same time you optimize for form, fit, and function.

SolidWorks Plastics Premium

SolidWorks Plastics Premium gives anyone who designs or builds injection molds an accurate, easy-to-use way to optimize them. You can quickly create and analyze single-cavity, multi-cavity, and family mold layouts, including sprues, runners, and gates. You can even balance runner systems and estimate cycle time, clamp tonnage, and shot size, enabling you to optimize feed system design and avoid costly mold rework.

Features SolidWorks Plastics Professional SolidWorks Plastics Premium
Shell Solid Parts    
Plain Solid Parts    
Parts With Inserts  
4,000+ Material Database    
User-defined Material Database    
Injection Machine Database  
Gate Location Optimization    
Multi-gate Injection    
Valve Gates  
Runner Balancing  
Gas Assisted Injection  
Multi-Shot Injection  
Melt Front Animation    
Temperature Field    
Pressure Field    
Part Shrinkage  
Clamping Forces    
Weld Lines    
Air Traps    
Automatic Report Generation    
Estimated Cooling Time    
Gate Freeze Assesment  
Sink Mark Location    

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