SolidWorks Plastics 1.5 days The SolidWorks Plastics course teaches you how to use specialized simulation software tools to predict how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process.
  • SolidWorks Essentials
  • Knowledge of plastic materials, plastic part design, and injection mold design

Course Benefits

  • Receive an official training certificate and the accompanying textbook for this course.


Basic Flow Analysis

  • Basic Flow Analysis
  • Stages in the Process
  • Element Types
  • Meshing
  • The PlasticsManager Tree
  • Input Options
  • Injection Location
  • Running a Flow Analysis
  • Flow Results

Detecting Air Traps

  • Detecting Air Traps
  • Stages in the Process
  • Air Traps
  • Switching Modes for Design Changes
  • Design Changes
  • Parts Created Using Mold Design Tools

Detecting Short Shots

  • Detecting Short Shots
  • Stages in the Process
  • Fill Settings
  • Flow Front Central Temperature

The Model Manager

  • The Model Manager
  • Stages in the Process
  • Using the Model Manager
  • Copying Parts and Results
  • Batch Manager
  • Summary and Report

Injection Locations and Sink Mark

  • Injection Locations and Sink Marks
  • Stages in the Process
  • Injection Location Rules
  • Sink Marks

Multiple Cavity Molds

  • Multiple Cavity Molds
  • Stages in the Process
  • Mirroring Cavities
  • Sketching Runners
  • Runner Design
  • X-Y Plots

  • Runner-Balancing
  • Stages in the Process
  • Local Refinement of Mesh
  • Using Runner-Balancing

Gate Freeze

  • Gate Freeze
  • Stages in the Process
  • Solid Mesh
  • Pack Settings
  • Flow and Pack Analysis
  • Pack Results

Optimizing Cooling Time

  • Optimizing Cooling Time
  • Stages in the Process
  • Multiple Injection Locations

Using Inserts

  • Using Inserts
  • Stages in the Process
  • Cavities and Inserts
  • Materials for Inserts

Mesh Repairs

  • Mesh Repairs
  • Stages in the Process
  • Element Issues
  • Edit Mesh

Warpage Analysis

  • Warpage Analysis
  • Stages in the Process
  • Shrinkage and Warpage
  • Warp Settings
  • Flow, Pack and Warp Analysis
  • Warp Results

Cooling Analysis

  • Cooling Analysis
  • Stages in the Process
  • Cooling
  • Cool Settings
  • Cool Analysis
  • Cool Results
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