According to the Aberdeen Group, the cost of 1 prototype averages $8929. Customers need an integrated solution to this main problem.

As a designer, not only do you have deadlines to worry about, but it also doesn’t sit well with your Engineering Manager when you have to tell them you need to do another design re-spin because the board does not fit into the desired enclosure. What if you could ensure proper fitment and proper component placement the first time

Being able to meet your deadlines, and deliver on what you have promised is an integral part of any job. It is so easy for a project to slide off the rails before it has even started properly. So, it is important to ensure that you can deliver on time, what you have promised to deliver.

Mastering the art of meeting and managing deadlines is possible, but you need to have a plan and keep your finger on the pulse at all

Solidworks Toolbox is a library of standard components that can be inserted in assemblies. If you are using Solidworks PDM, you can reap the benefits of managing Toolbox in your vault. Once PDM is configured to manage Toolbox, it performs several automated functions such as:

Checking Toolbox parts in and out as needed
Adding the missing Toolbox parts to the vault
Creating references between assemblies and Toolbox parts

Steps to configure PDM to manage the SOLIDWORKS toolbox library for complete integration

SolidWorks 3D CAD software
Processors - Processor speed is very important to performance. It is typically best to purchase one or two levels down from the fastest available processor. This is because there is typically a large premium to be paid for the fastest available processor(s). There is better value in choosing a high clock speed i7 processor than a lower clock speed Xeon processor. Multiple cores are used within SolidWorks CAD software only when reading and writing files and when

Collaboration between Altium Designer and SolidWorks
As more and more electronic products involve both electrical and mechanical components, and product release cycles get shorter, there's a real need for stronger collaboration between the ECAD and MCAD domains. But that collaboration isn't always smooth.

The electrical and mechanical designer often send emails back and forth or have to dabble in each other's respective design tools. Something that leaves them treading a little water, and far removed from their established comfort zones. The solution is

Moving forward from the last part of this article; we discussed two essential strategies that intend to keep more of your money in your pocket in the long run. To recap, we brought up Digital Prototype Methods and using CAD and simulation software, as well as using Desktop Printers. In this second part, we discuss three more strategies that not only aim to improve your prototype stage, but also the overall workflow.

Simplify your Designs:
If you simply want to test

How do you compare versions of Part files in PDM?  Perhaps you review each version of the part using the Get Version command and viewing it in the PDM Vault View Preview tab.  That will work, but how do you remember all the changes between one version and the next when you cannot look at them at the same time?

Or perhaps you knew of the Compare tool found in the History window of PDM. Simply click on an older version

Now that you have a serial key for MySolidWorks Professional, you may be asking yourself 'how do I activate this'? Unlike other SOLIDWORKS serial keys, this doesn't run on the installation manager and it is a webpage - not software. With that said, follow the five steps below so that you can quickly get access to the additional features that MySolidWorks Professional offers:

Prep courses for SOLIDWORKS certification exams
Reseller uploaded content
Access to the SPR database

Step By Step

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