SolidWorks Visualize

Turn your 3D CAD data into photo-quality images, animations, and interactive 3D content that bring your products to life.

Seriously easy to use! Best speed-to-quality on the market

The fastest and easiest way to photorealistic imagery for anyone that needs to take "photos" of their 3D data.

Which better helps describe a concept? A technical drawing or a computer generated image that looks identical to a photograph? To make the right design and engineering decisions, photo-quality content has become the new benchmark.

SolidWorks® Visualize Standard enables designers, engineers, and content creators across all industries to create compelling visual content of their designs with unparalleled ease and flexibility. By utilizing photo-quality content early in the design process, more informed design decisions can be made, as well as receiving useful early feedback from sales teams and potential customers.

SolidWorks Visualize Standard features include:
  • Photo-quality imagery at unlimited resolution
  • Advanced multi-layer materials
  • Highlight design and engineering solutions by fading the Opacity of parts and models
  • Accurate simulation of real-world lighting with HDR support for photorealism without cumbersome manual lighting techniques
  • Show off inner design complexity with Cut Planes (section views)
  • Integrated connection to our FREE online Community of over 1000 free assets
  • Decals (interactive stickers) placement just like real life stickers
  • Support for professional Texture Maps (Bump, Normal, Specular, Alpha, Color)
  • Interactive Part Splitter for separating surfaces without going back to CAD modeling package
  • Preset Camera Filters to enhance your images and make them pop off the screen

SolidWorks Visualize Professional Advantages:

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional features include all Visualize Standard features plus these and many more:

Send jobs to a dedicated cluster of machine(s) to boost render speeds and content productivity with the new Visualize Boost network seat included with each Visualize Professional purchase!

Demonstrate products more effectively with full animation of parts, models, appearances, cameras, and environments

Easily Import SOLIDWORKS Motion Studies for truly photographic content in a snap.

Quickly show off the final design with one-click 360 degree spins

Intuitively create dynamic camera fly-bys in a snap with the unique Camera Animation Ribbon

Highlight design and engineering solutions by fading the Opacity of parts and models, with support for animation for revealing videos

Rapidly generate colorways and product variants using Con­ figurations

Create interactive web content (VR and Panoramas)

Show off inner design complexity with Cut Planes (section views) and ability to animate them for an immersive experience

Instantly increase productivity with the integrated Render QUEUE by stacking up multiple jobs and letting them complete while you're away

Present and compare varying design solutions side by side with multiple viewports

Unleash your creative side with customizable Camera Filters

Enhance the lighting of your scene with integrated advanced lighting and environment features, like Sun Studies

Present designs in real time with new Presentation Mode and Adjustable Baked lighting for interactive presentations


HDR Light Studio for SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Create the perfect HDRI environment in minutes with HDR Light Studio. Lighting shots is now fast, precise and easy. Simply click on the model in SOLIDWORKS Visualize to position lights on a live HDRI.

How does HDR Light Studio work with SOLIDWORKS Visualize?

The model has materials applied, the camera view is setup, you are now ready to light…

  • Start HDR Light Studio from the SOLIDWORKS Visualize environment
  • Load an existing HDRI map to edit, or start with a blank canvas
  • Add a new lights in HDR Light Studio
  • Click on the 3D model in SOLIDWORKS Visualize to position lights
  • To finish, HDR Light Studio generates a high-res HDRI map for the SOLIDWORKS Visualize environment
  • The SOLIDWORKS Visualize scene is now ready for final rendering
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