Conceptual Designer

SOLIDWORKS® Conceptual Designer (SWCD) is a concept design tool for the rapid creation, manipulation, and modification of designs for mechanical components.

SolidWorks Conceptual Designer

SolidWorks® Conceptual Designer (SWCD) is the concept design tool for the rapid creation, manipulation, and modification of designs for mechanical components. Its single modeling environment makes concept design flexible and instinctive in a broad-based collaborative framework that helps accelerate design and reduce costs. You can capture ideas digitally, quickly create 2D and 3D concept models, get feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and easily manage multiple concepts before committing engineering time for further development.

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SolidWorks conceptual design capabilities

SWCD works with Platform Contributor to easily save and manage your information in a safe, secure environment. It is complementary to SolidWorks 3D CAD, allowing you to validate your concepts in SWCD, then transition the model to SolidWorks 3D CAD to complete the detailed designs and documentation. SolidWorks Conceptual Designer Capabilities include:

Define PMI directly in 3D

Define PMI directly in 3D

Evaluate your concepts for fit and function with early stage concept validation using trace paths, area sweeps, and alerts to help ensure you always move forward with the best design.

Deformable 3D Geometry

Clean and Structured 3D Presentation

Get instant performance verification with realistic 3D components that behave as they would in the real world.

Mechanism Synthesis

Define a partially dimensioned layout of your mechanism and how it will be positioned at discrete steps, and SolidWorks Conceptual Design will calculate the undefined dimensions.

Additional Capabilities:

  • Single Modeling Environment
  • Concept Management
  • Social/Collaborative
  • Cloud/Connected
  • Mechanism Design
  • Synthesis + 2D to 3D Motion
  • Direct Editing
  • Predictive Computing

Comply with industry standards

SolidWorks Conceptual Designer

SolidWorks MBD helps comply with the predominant industry standards, such as ASME Y14.41, Military-Standard-31000A, ISO 16792, ISO 10303-242, ISO 14739, and so on. This compliance gives you the competitive advantages to win more contracts and deliver projects to strict requirements, on time and on budget. Customers looking to meet United States Government standards will be encouraged by the assessment of Rich Eckenrode, Co-Chairman of the Military-Standard-31000 manufacturing sub-committee. Mr. Eckenrode defined the MBD requirements for the government procurement officers and has stated: "SolidWorks MBD’s compliance to Military-Standard-31000 Appendix B is close to 100% …”.

Share and Archive intelligent and intuitive 3D data

SolidWorks Conceptual Designer

SolidWorks MBD helps you share and archive intuitive 3D data, including the models, PMI, views, and Meta properties, so that you and your suppliers don’t have to waste time in re-modeling based on traditional 2D Drawings. With the 3D data, you can upgrade your legacy product configurations to new models much faster and design tooling and fixtures much more easily.