Thank you to all those who attended one of our SolidWorks 2017 launch events held throughout Ontario.

Highlights 2017

Video: CAD MicroSolutions 2017 SolidWorks Launch Event Highlights

Previous Events

Video: CAD Micro 2013 Launch Event Highlights
Video: CAD Micro 2014 Launch Event Highlights
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Gents, I thought you delivered likely the best launch event I have ever attended. The rest of the team here today agreed. The Women in Engineering theme was so relevant, especially in light of the stats that Mary Wells delivered. There is much to do in that space. The Think like a Girl ladies were great! I was surprised to learn that two of them, Gaby and Julia, knew of me from their internships at SolidWorks. Having the young girls learning SW on the side was a great addition to the theme. Kudos for taking the long view on what we do.

Lastly, the venue was awesome.

Hi Meagan… Thanks to CadMicro for hosting a great event. I was wondering if I could get a portion of Nadia’s presentation defining what a customer is….. There were a few resounding points that I would like to share with my team here

Lastly, the venue was awesome.

Thank you for having me at the SW2017 launch event yesterday. It was a great venue and the food was fabulous. I really enjoyed Larisa’s talk. On the topic of SolidWorks, I like the way Jake presents the new features while also telling a story. The breakout sessions were also quite interesting and presented well. SolidWorks is looking better than ever! I am also impressed with the ambition of some of today’s youth. The girls from Think like a Girl, were very impressive. That was really nice to see. The talks that Meagan and her ladies gave were very well done and informative. Thanks again for a great event yesterday.