Case Study

GOM Case Study: Ultimaker uses 3D Metrology to Improve Their Processes.

With its growth in recent years Ultimaker a market leader in desktop 3D printing, was looking for the right technology to take their products to the next level. Their need for quality control and R&D expansion was rising, as well as the need for a strong partner; then GOM came along. Ultimaker began using the ATOS scanner for several tasks within the R&D department. By doing dimensional checks on 3D printed test parts produces by their machines, they can improve the accuracy of the different print profiles they develop when using different materials and different print processes. 

“This structured blue light 3D scanner is one of the most useful tools in our journey to improve our ability to measure and objectively assess the dimensional accuracy of 3D printed parts”  says Laboratory Testing Engineer, William Goudswaard.

Learn how Ulitmaker was able to improve accuracy of print profiles, save time and effort and improve R&D efforts with GOM technology.