On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Design Configuration and Automation with DriveWorks

DriveWorks software is used for Design Automation & Sales Configuration by companies large & small. Whether you are an engineer that needs Design Automation to automate your SOLIDWORKS models, or a company wanting to provide a Product Configurator and Guided Selling for your sales teams, distributors and even customers, DriveWorks software is modular and scalable. You can implement DriveWorks and grow your projects at your own pace.

Check out this on-demand webinar where we discuss Design Configuration & Automation with DriveWorks with Maria Sarkar, Vice President & Co-Founder of DriveWorks. She is passionate about harnessing technology to deliver results & digital transformation. She and her business partner, Glen Smith, founded DriveWorks back in 2001. They are the developers of 3 SolidWorks Gold Partner Products and are also a Certified Microsoft Application Development Partner Company. She discusses in this webinar about how manufacturing companies around the world are using DriveWorks to automate their design process and grow their business by selling custom products. 

During the webinar we also discuss the growth in personalization/custom products and showing the benefits of DriveWorks when used as a Design Automation and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution.