On-Demand Webinar

Surface Defect Detection with ABIS from ZEISS

ZEISS ABIS is the tailor-made solution for surface inspection in the press shop and car body in white. 

The optical 3D sensor is moved by a robot over the parts to be inspected, and the ABIS software recognizes surface features and evaluates them according to the specifications of your corporate standard. After only a few seconds you will receive a digital test report.

In this webinar participants will learn and discuss:
  • What is surface defect detection and technology introduction.
  • How ABIS can shorten your inspection times up to 95%. (YES 95%)
  • The economics of ABIS, and how early defect detection saves costly downstream rework.
  • How ABIS paired with PiWeb from Carl Zeiss provided digital documentation and visual process control. Creating a corporate standard for Surface Quality Inspection. 

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