On-Demand Webinar

How the Military & Government Overcome Supply Chain Challenges with Additive Manufacturing

Military, defence, and government organizations are challenged to stay ahead of the technology curve. Whether to overcome supply chain challenges, keep proprietary data in-house, facilitate R&D, or produce parts quickly in remote or challenging locations, these organizations are turning to additive manufacturing.

Join CAD Micro for an on-demand webinar as we take a look at examples of how government and military organizations are leveraging additive manufacturing around the world, and investigate the range of additive technology and materials that are being used by these organizations today.

During this webinar we cover:
• Examples of real government and military additive manufacturing applications around the world
• A discussion on the range of technology and materials available, and how to investigate which would be the most appropriate choice for your organization
• A virtual tour of some of the additive manufacturing technology being leveraged by government and military organizations today
• A live Q&A session with Kyle Niarchos, Additive Manufacturing Consultant working with Canadian government and military organizations, as well as Deep Singh, VP of Advanced Manufacturing at CAD MicroSolutions

Watch the on-demand webinar now.