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[Formlabs Webinar] In Conversation With Ford and Brose: 3D Printing at Scale With Two Automotive Giants

For many years, 3D printing has been an important part of the automotive development process. As additive manufacturing technologies become more affordable and easy to use, companies are now able to bring additive manufacturing in-house to support processes on the factory floor.

But 3D printing can add enormous value also to supply chains, unlocking a broad spectrum of production applications and we’re starting to see 3D printing play a vital role in driving innovation across multiple facets of automobile production.

In this webinar, Christian Kleylein, Technologist at Brose, one of the largest family-owned Tier 1 automotive suppliers, and Bruno Alves, Additive Manufacturing Expert at Ford will share how 3D printing is powering innovation across the automotive industry, from design to manufacturing and beyond.

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