Case Study

Ultimaker Case Study: 3D Printing the Buildings of Tomorrow

In the past two decades, architects are enjoying much higher degrees of design freedom, thanks to advancing CAD tools and construction techniques. Designs are becoming more organic, agile, and dynamic, enabling architectural companies to push the boundaries of what is possible. Killa Design is one of those companies. Based in Dubai, Killa Design focuses on unique, iconic, timeless designs – including both the world’s first occupied 3D printed office space and one of the most complex structures ever built. Killa Design uses 3D printing to create iconic designs that are fast becoming landmarks – including one of the most complex structures ever built.

Developing buildings with complex designs is challenging from both design and construction perspectives. Architects must have a full under-standing of the structure and shape of the building as early as possible.

3D printing helps architects to present, explain, and review ideas, significantly speeding up the design process.


• Faster model production
• Complex scale models
• Client confidence
• Effective iteration analysis