High-Strength Industrial 3D Printing Package - Valid Until 12/22

Metal X and Industrial Composite Package

Details of Offer:

For a limited time, Markforged is presenting Desktop Series customers a package offer on the Industrial Series Composite printer and the Metal X:

  • Metal X & X3 Industrial Composite Printer: $130,000 
  • Metal X & X5 Industrial Composite Printer: $140,000
  • Metal X & X7 Industrial Composite Printer: $150,000

With the Industrial Series package you'll have more design and manufacturing flexibility across your applications. Print stronger metal and carbon fiber parts from an industrial-grade composite and metal printer.

Industrial Composite Printers:

Everything in the Industrial Composite printer series is meant to give you usable, precise, high quality parts right off the printer.

  • First ever in-process inspection
  • Onyx material with 50 micron layer height provides a beautiful fine finish
  • Over 2.5X the build volume of the Mark Two printer
  • Unify remote manufacturing departments with Markforged's cloud software

The Metal X Printer:

Create fully functional, real metal parts with a printer that's 10x less than alternative metal additive technologies and up to 100x less than traditional fabrication technologies.

  • Increased production speed - design and print parts in less than 24 hours
  • Lightweight, isotropic-strength pure metal parts with 99.7% density
  • Complete design freedom allowing for complex geometric designs that can’t be machined