Materialise Magics

Bridging the Gap between 3D Printers and Software

The Most Powerful Data and Build Preparation Software

The Most Powerful Data and Build Preparation Software

Materialise Magics is a versatile, industry-leading data preparation and STL editor software for Additive Manufacturing that allows you to convert files to STL, repair errors, edit your design and prepare your build platform. Ready to prepare your model for 3D Printing?

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HP Build Processor

Materialise Build Processor for HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing

The HP-Materialise alliance serves to develop the HP Build Processor, tailored 3D printing software for the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

The HP Build Processor is a user-friendly software which simplifies the 3D printing process. It combines high performance slicing algorithms with a perfect integration from data preparation, through design and build setup, to part building on the HP multi jet fusion printer. In addition, the HP Build Processor (integrated with Materialise Streamics) enables feedback from the machine control system, supporting build tracing and build data storage, thus meeting the requirements of manufacturing environments.

The HP Build Processor enables a seamless integration between software and printer. This results in a simplified workflow for the user with the possibility to assign the available machine-specific build styles to the platform, as well as slicing and exporting the data to the HP machine all in a single software package.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit from a seamless integration with data preparation in a single software package (both Materialise and Siemens NX software)
  • Reduce human error possibility with automated file transfer: from data preparation to machine
  • Do complex calculations on a dedicated server with remote processing
  • Benefit from support and regular updates of the software
  • Enjoy the benefits of high-performance slicing algorithms with advanced slice viewer
  • Even very complex parts and platforms are quickly handled
  • Handle complex designs such as porous, lattice and lightweight structures; labels; and textures with Materialise’s unique slice-based technology.
  • Trace and store data on specific jobs, thanks to the two-way communication between the HP multi jet fusion printer and the Build Processor.

Why Choose the Materialise Build Processor

To communicate your file to the printer, you need specialized software. The Materialise Build Processor is considered the standard software for communicating with and monitoring AM machines.

Our offer is not limited to machine communication software. You can benefit from the integration with data preparation and other software from the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite.

Materialise has strong partnerships with the majority of leading AM machine manufacturers worldwide. This means that we can update our software in line with the developments of machine manufacturers.

Do you experience difficulties with handling large files? Our slice-based technology avoids large files by skipping the demanding triangularization to an intermediate STL file and generating the desired geometry on the slice level.