A CAREER AT CAD MicroSolutions

CAD MicroSolutions is proud of our tradition of forming long term, successful relationships between our employees, suppliers, and our customers. We have a strong 24/7 work ethic (we do not a punch the clock 9-5). We are customer focused and are always trying to exceed our customers’ expectations. We LOVE to reward and recognize the role our employees have in helping our customers achieve success. And best of all, we have been able to create a culture of having fun while achieving success. BIG success and BIG fun.

What's Happening?

It’s never a dull day at CAD MicroSolutions. We hold an amazing annual customer event each year called our “Launch Event”, customer appreciation nights at professional sports events, team building events for staff, celebrate milestones such as birthdays, and have a lot of fun celebrations around holidays, or just because we achieved a particularly successful business goal.
Employees receive world class training, professional development, and coaching and are encouraged to engage with our customers and suppliers as much as possible. Our employees also have the opportunity to travel to fantastic destinations for conferences and corporate awards trips.

How has CAD MicroSolutions achieved our goals? By attracting the best people. We believe the best team, made up of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, come up with the best ideas and deliver exceptional results for our customers. We hire based on energy, experience, values, and alignment of personal and professional goals. CAD MicroSolutions will always be the best organization in our industry if we are made up of the best people.

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