Prevent Engineering License Checkout Abuse!

Starts: June 08, 2021 at 09:00 Ends: June 08, 2021 at 10:00
You may be surprised to learn that on a 24x7 basis, most engineering licenses are only used 30% of the time, and the remaining 70% they are sitting idle. In another scenario, Monday to Friday you may have Engineers that are hoarding a license so it's there if/when they may need it. You may even have Engineers checking out multiple licenses of the same tool, unnecessarily leading to increased license counts and costs.

Floating licenses are like books in a library, and are an indeal solution for many organizations. It's imperative, however, that you have an accurate view of how many licenses you need at any given time based on your actual usage so you can make sure you have the appropriate number of licenses for your organization. LAMUM provides a heatmap that shows the 24x7 usage of all license activity throughout the day, putting into perspective the way assets are being used (checked out) or when denials are occuring. 

Join our partners at TeamEDA for a live webinar, and check out their Engineering Checkouts Whitepaper, to learn:
  • Can you squeeze more usage from existing licenses by letting engineers know that licenses are available at non-peak times?
  • What if the Engineer could submit an Alert Request to be notified when a license becomes available?
  • What if you could set a limit on how long a license coud be checked out for?
  • How could you better utilize your Engineer's time?
Register for the webinar to learn more!

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