3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Leaders Henkel and Nexa3D Present: Photopolymer Additive Insights: Changing the way you operate

Starts: May 06, 2021 at 11:30 Ends: May 06, 2021 at 12:30

The increased global demand for sustainable solutions and customized products has resulted in a surge in demand for 3D-printed parts and products. Technological innovations in 3D printers and materials have reduced operation costs by 50% while delivering 200% performance increase.

While relatively simple plastics, like PLA and ABS, dominate the polymer market, there is a growing demand for strong, functional materials, which can withstand harsh environments and high temperatures cost-effectively. The 3D printing industry is responding to this trend by developing high-performance materials. Hardware manufacturers are working closely with chemical companies to adapt the 3D printing hardware required for these materials.

• Short-run Manufacturing: Advances in the types of materials available, the material properties that can be replicated in 3D printing materials and materials cost reductions; delivers workable, sellable parts can be made via 3D printing.

• Better quality prototypes, faster and at lower costs: 3D printing, and the pace of advances in materials and equipment speed, means that high-quality prototypes can be created at a fraction of the cost and time involved in other processes.

• Ability to optimize designs: The ability to get high-quality prototypes quickly and at low cost means designers and engineers are able to iterate more efficiently, resulting in a better product created in less time (true design optimization)

• Faster production speeds: The time that 3D printing can save in the design and prototyping processes means overall time-to-market is reduced. This equates to bottom-line benefits for you as well as your customers.

• More design flexibility: 3D printing process offers far fewer design restrictions enabling Designers to create products that would have been difficult, or even impossible, to produce via traditional methods.

Learn how these photopolymer and 3D printer developments are impacting your business.

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