[Markforged] The $20k Difference: Strategies for Maximizing 3D Printer Value

Starts: February 18, 2021 at 09:00 Ends: February 18, 2021 at 10:00

Hobbyist 3D printers improved rapidly in the last decade, and market offerings are the best they’ve ever been. Today’s budget systems pack in more capability per dollar than the founding fathers of extrusion-based 3D printing could have collectively imagined.

The value of the hardware itself is so compelling today that the line between professional and hobbyist 3D printers might start to seem a bit blurry, despite a ten-fold price difference.

Professional 3D printers are built to reduce the time and effort needed to solve existing problems.

Hobbies are for people with extra time. Tools are for people who need to save time.

Join some Markforged pro’s for a guided decision-making session on choosing your next 3D printer. In this session, they will cover:

  • Brief history and state of the hobbyist 3D printer market
  • Problem definition: If you want a tool, what problem are you trying to solve? If you want to solve a problem, what tool are you trying to use?
  • Establishing priorities: What matters most to you, and to your business? Time, cost, effort, capability?
  • Fundamental differences in how Hobbyist and Professional printers provide value

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