Webinar: Real Life Plastics Problems, Solved with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Starts: March 24, 2020 at 11:00 Ends: March 24, 2020 at 12:00

SOLIDWORKS is running a 3-part series on Solving Real Life Plastics Problems with SOLIDWORKS Plastics. This is the third and final installment of the series, but parts 1 and 2 are available for on-demand viewing now!

Part 1: Click here to view the recording

Part 2: Click here to view the recording

We’re back for the third installment of this webinar series exploring real-life plastics problems and how to solve them using injection molding simulation. A common problem with injection molded part is warping. While common, it can be a complex and costly problem to fix quickly, especially if multiple mold reworks are required. Design changes, material change, adequate cooling, and windage are a few ways to fix warping problems. In this webinar, we will show how to predict displacement from warping and steps to minimize it.

In addition, we will design and analyze mold cooling layouts to achieve uniform temperature distribution and, finally, discovery tools to help with speed up the windage process. In the first webinar, we looked into early-stage process concerns such as design changes, gate location, short shots, sinks marks, weld lines, and air traps.

In the second webinar, we discovered more advanced tools to minimize defects. Tools such as venting analysis, multi-cavity, runner balancing, shrinkage during the pack/hold stage. More importantly, we were able to precisely predict the full cycle time of the injection molding process.

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