HP Webinar: Advanced Topics in Design for Automotive Additive Manufacturing

Starts: May 23, 2019 at 14:00 Ends: May 23, 2019 at 15:00

The automotive industry seeks solutions that increase safety and reduce mass, while simultaneously affording innovation in aesthetics. Geometrically complex lattice structures can enable stiff, lightweight parts or energy absorbing components; while unique, integrated textures can facilitate futuristic products. Additive manufacturing and digital workflows uniquely allow the application and development of customized lattice structures and novel textures in 3D printed plastics parts for different automotive applications. Through prototyping we are characterizing how lattice structures can enable additional functionality, weight reduction and energy absorption; and the effect of final finishing techniques on texture design and the interaction of gloss level with the visual and tactile impact of textured components.

Primary Topics:

  • Benefits and limitations to the technology
  • Production capabilities for end-use applications
  • Real world challenges and solutions


  1. David Tucker - David Tucker is a vertical market development consultant in HP's 3D Print Business. Specializing in production systems and design for manufacturability, he uses problem-solving to eliminate failures before they occur. Previously David held multiple roles in the automotive industry, leading functions in advanced engineering, product engineering, project management, and asset procurement.
  2. James Andrew McCutcheon - James works with 3D printing partners and customers to create products that capture the value of HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology. His background is in mechatronics and mechanical design, with a focus on automotive applications.
  3. Alex Ju - Alex Ju's work on Hp's Multi Jet Fusion technology focuses on color, material, and finishes, with an emphasis on the processes and potential of applying textures to 3D printed parts. She brings her experience in art, design, and research to her current emphasis on automotive applications.


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