SolidWorks Model-Based Definition (MBD) - Toronto

Starts: February 07, 2019 at 09:00 Ends: February 07, 2019 at 17:00

SolidWorks Model-Based Definition (MBD) - 1 Day

Course Description

This course will provide detailed techniques to present product and manufacturing information in a 3D PDF file. This includes DimXpert and annotation views combined with capturing and publishing of 3D views.


Basic experience with SolidWorks software, and experience with Windows operating system.

Course Components:

SolidWorks MBD

  • MBD using Feature Dimensions
  • 3D PDF Capabilities
  • MBD in SolidWorks
  • MBD using DimXpert
  • DimXpert Capabilities
  • Steps in the Process

Using Feature Dimensions and Annotation Views

  • Using Feature Dimensions with MBD
  • Default Annotation Views
  • Optimizing Settings
  • Adding and Organizing Annotations
  • Adding Reference Dimensions
  • Modifying Dimensions
  • Creating a Section Annotation View
  • Editing an Annotation View
  • Unassigned Items
  • Creating a Section Annotation View

Capturing 3D

  • 3D Views
  • 3D Views Tab
  • Capture 3D View
  • Activating and Modifying 3D Views
  • Using Multiple Annotation Views
  • Publishing PMI
  • Special 3D View Types
  • Model Break View

3D PDF Template Editor

  • 3D PDF Template Editor
  • Areas of the Template
  • Text Types
  • Other Template Aspects
  • Building a Custom Template
  • Saving and Storing Custom Templates
  • Testing the Template

Using DimXpert

  • DimXpert Settings
  • DimXpert Block Tolerances
  • DimXpert Dimension Settings
  • Auto Dimension Scheme
  • DimXpertManager
  • Show Tolerance Status
  • Modifying DimXpert Annotations
  • Combining Dimensions
  • Publish using Default Views
  • Creating Multiple Schemes
  • Manual DimXpert Annotations
  • Feature Selector Toolbar
  • Using DimXpert Dimension Tools
  • Unique DimXpert Options

MBD and Assembly Models

  • Assembly Models and MBD
  • Assembly Level Dimensions
  • Optimizing Settings in Assemblies
  • Adding Assembly Annotations
  • BOM Tables and Balloons
  • Publishing Assembly PMI
  • Additional MBD Tools

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