How to Enable Shop Floor and Quality Assurance Teams with Modern Metrology Tools

Starts: April 27, 2022 at 13:00 Ends: April 27, 2022 at 14:00

Join CAD MicroSolutions, point3D, and Glove Systems for a live webinar focused on how modern metrology tools have scaled for large, fabricated components, and can reduce your dependency on expensive 3rd parties.

 We will highlight how using 'Metrology Cloud sharing' can improve your client relationships, develop customer trust, and reduce expensive back-charges on rework.

During this webinar we will walk you through:

  • How easy it is to bring modern inspection software in house  
  • Real time processing and computation of fabricated assemblies for QA Inspection on the shop floor.
  • Real time dimensional analysis for quality control or reverse engineering of large components.
  • Live demo on how GloveFit makes sense of your area scan data (for dimensional requirements), in minutes.
  • How Glove Fit allows you to inspect your large assemblies in real time
  • Share a digital copy before you send anything and never get back charged or rework your assemblies
  • How you can create trust by providing transparency to your owners using Glove Fit  
  • Use accurate modern tools that are made to be as easy as using a tape measure  

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