Day 10: Altium Designer | 12 Days of Subscriptmas Blogs

On the tenth day of Subscriptmas, we provide to you the tool that transforms PCB design into a work of engineering art, brought to you by Altium Designer 17.

Design With Purpose, Create With Passion

Altium Designer is the tool of choice for electronic design automation and is largely influential in creating the next generation of smart, connected electronic products and devices. It is used for PCB (printed circuit board), FPGA (field-programmable gate array) and embedded software design, and the associated library and release management automation. This year Altium released it’s latest and greatest version of the software, Altium Designer 17. Imagine a Design Environment That...

img-1 Rekindles your desire to design electronics

img-2 Reinvigorate your passion for the art of engineering

img-3 Revolves around what inspires you to design

Altium Designer 17 allows electronic engineers to unlock their design potential with advanced routing technology. It combines extensive scientific knowledge with a natural design intuition to create a single, unified vision. Whether you’re designing complex board layouts to shaping the direction of the future with smart wearable technologies, Altium Designer will enable you to easily design the most efficient and error-free board layouts. Altium Designer provides complete control of your board layout with powerful routing technology including interactive routing modes and an intelligent auto routing assistant. Some new powerful features available in Altium Designer 17 are: Altium-Designer_Wallpaper_Parkour-guy-in-city_1366x768_MEDPCB Routing Enhancements
  • ActiveRoute™
  • Track Glossing
  • Dynamic Selections
Design Efficiency Enhancements
  • Dynamic Copper
  • Backdrilling
  • Auto Cross-Probing
  • PCB Component Parameters
  • Draftsman Enhancements
ActiveRoute™ by Altium is one of the most productive new features available in Altium Designer 17. Design the highest quality PCB layouts in a fraction of the time with ActiveRoute™. Fully control and optimize your routing workflow with a high-performance, guided routing technology that adheres to your specific design constraints while routing on one or multiple layers. ActiveRoute™ allows you to create many traces at once on a board with multiple pins. [embed][/embed] download1 Design the highest quality PCB layouts in a fraction of the time with ActiveRoute™ download1Reduce signal integrity disturbances on high-speed designs with Backdrilling download1Save time creating and editing your copper polygons with Dynamic Copper More Resources to get started with Altium Designer 17: CAD Micro News Banner 1Altium Designer has a new license activated every hour of every day, saving hundreds of hours of your time and money, allowing you to focus on your design and not the process. Engineers are liberated to express their creative instinct and rejuvenate their passion for the art of engineering. It's time for you to harmonize your engineering potential to create the most advanced and innovative PCB design applications today, with Altium Designer. For more information or to request a free trial of Altium Designer 17 or Subscription Services with CAD MicroSolutions, please email me at or give me a call at (416) 775-9715. Dedicated to your success, Meagan Khan Subscription Services Manager

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