Day 5: Visualize | 12 Days of Subscriptmas Blogs

On the fifth day of Subscriptmas, we present gorgeous 3D renderings, brought to you by SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Get ready to amaze your customers and team with beautiful photorealistic visualizations before the prototype is even built! SOLIDWORKS Visualize was created for anyone who needs to create professional photo-quality images, animations and other 3D content quickly and easily.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize aka “The Camera”

Not limited to technical users, it can be used by marketing teams to create, communicate, and collaborate high-quality visual and emotional content to drive innovation, design decisions and business solutions. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is complimentary with every license of SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium for Subscription customers. This complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard can be given to anyone in your company! SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a separate stand-alone product and does not occupy the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license.
visualize-03SOLIDWORKS Visualize will enable your design and marketing team to:
  • Jump-start your marketing efforts before products are made
  • Reduce the number of costly physical prototypes
  • Accelerate your design process
  • Facilitate design collaboration
  • Assess market interest in future products
  • Get the go-ahead on proposed designs faster
Brian Hillner, Product Manager | SOLIDWORKS Visualize
To give SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard to someone else in your company, please simply forward this blog post and provide them with the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard serial number. How to download SOLIDWORKS Visualize
  1. Sign into your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal
  2. Under the 'Downloads' section, click Downloads and Updates, (this will take you to another site)
  3. Make sure '2017' is selected from the small dropdown at the top
  4. Click the blue text 'SOLIDWORKS Products' and accept the EULA
  5. Follow the three final steps listed and enjoy!
visualize-04How to upgrade your complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard
  1. Launch your computer’s Control Panel and open > Programs > Programs and Features > select SOLIDWORKS 2017 <minor version>, and click ‘Change’ at the top
  2. Select 'Modify the individual installation (on this computer)' > click on 'Next' > expand 'Visualization' and select 'SOLIDWORKS Visualize'
  3. Paste in your SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard serial number and proceed through the Installation Manager to complete the modification
How to access your SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard serial number
  1. Login into your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal
  2. Select ‘My Products’ > locate your SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard serial number
If you do not see your SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard serial number on this list, you will need to register your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license first. You can read this post to see the steps outline by Brian Hillner. Can’t find your serial number? Launch SOLIDWORKS and go to Help > About > Show Serial Number. visualize-15SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard 2017 has a unique serial number and unlike SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard 2016, using your SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium serial number will not activate the product. If you purchased SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard as a separate product, this message does not apply to you. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional can be bought as a separate add-on if you want to create animations or other advanced features. Subscription customers can access free video tutorials on SOLIDWORKS Visualize via their MySolidWorks customer portal. If you have any issues installing/updating your SOLIDWORKS Visualize license, please contact CAD MicroSolutions Support Team via email at or call us at 416-213-0533. For more information on SOLIDWORKS Visualize or Subscription Services with CAD MicroSolutions, please email me at or give me a call at (416) 775-9715. Dedicated to your success, Meagan Khan Subscription Services Manager

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