Day 3: 3D Printers | 12 Days of Subscriptmas Blogs

On the third day of Subscriptmas, we have 3D Printers for you, and a new partnership with Markforged. In the future, you will be able to buy a product, customize it to your exact specifications, and then have it 3D-printed and dropped off right at your doorstep. The future is here! Customization is a huge part of businesses right now. The strongest companies are those that allow for their products to be the most tailored to individual consumers and their preferences in real time. Using SOLIDWORKS you can create custom objects from your own designs, and with the use of a 3D printer, print more detailed models. This will help your clients to better visualize the final projects, ultimately helping your firm to win more business. Overall, the potential enjoyment that people can get from what they are buying/producing will be increased and your business will greatly reduce design time and time to market. CAD MicroSolutions is proud to announce our new partnership with Markforged. Markforged is committed in providing the absolute best 3D printing experience on the market - with the strongest most beautiful and functional parts, that meet every customers’ unique needs. Markforged Printers onyx-one Onyx One -- The Onyx One is the base model. Onyx (Nylon with micro-carbon fibre), is Markforged's proprietary material, when combined with continuous carbon fibre, creates 3D prints that have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6061-T6 Aluminum. onyx-pro Onyx Professional -- The Onyx Professional prints continuous fibre such as carbon fibre, Kevlar and HSHT fibreglass.  mark-two Mark Two -- The Mark II (along with the Onyx Professional and Mark X) has it’s fibre cutter located in the head, which allows the shortest continuous fibre to be 40mm in length. The thinnest wall thickness that you can print with one strand of fibre inside is 2.9mm and two strands (in-and-out of a small cross-sectional area) is 3.8mm wide, such as laying fibre in a protrusion or gear tooth. Layer height is 100 microns except where continuous carbon fibre requires 125 microns. mark-x Mark X -- The Mark X has a build capacity that is 2.7 times the size of the Mark Two / Onyx series printers.  Layer resolution is improved from 100 microns to 50 microns with added accuracy via laser. Other companies have technologies where they can print materials like ABS, (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) with chopped carbon fibre.  Markforged stands out from the rest with their patent on the ability to print continuous fibre strands.  No one else has this technology.  When Nylon reinforced carbon fibre was tested for strength, the results were amazing: [embed][/embed]   Markforged printers also come with access to the cloud based software, Eiger.  If you are interested in a free trial of the software or a free print sample, please contact us. CAD MicroSolutions is a certified training-service provider for Markforged. mf-certified-training-service-provider-72We are leaders. We work with leaders. Our long history of innovation and support keep you ahead of the curve on reduce design time and time to market. But we want you to think of our customer service on the same level as our technology. We are committed to your satisfaction, welcome your feedback and we will do all we can to make your customer experience positive. For more information on Markforged or Subscription Services with CAD MicroSolutions, please email me at or give me a call at (416) 775-9715. Special thanks to my colleague, and applications specialist, Daigoro Hirayama for all of the technical details. Dedicated to your success, Meagan Khan Subscription Services Manager

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