Want to help your millennials perform? Here are 3 tips to help your team succeed!

Keeping your team excited, motivated and inspired can be a real challenge as a leader, especially this day in age with so many millennials in the workplace. The average worker stays at his/her job for only 4.4 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So how can you inspire your team to stay, succeed and perform?
Show them their valuable.
This sounds easy, but many leaders fall short here. Employees are most inspired when a leader takes the time to know them, and show that they have their best interest at heart. By explaining to your team that their contributions solve problems as well as help the company’s advancement, you show them they are valuable. One suggestion might be, taking them to the production floor, to show them what they are helping to make. Seeing the bigger picture of what they are working for, will refuel their fire and excite them!
Innovate to inspire success.
Let your millennials be a part of your innovation process. This will allow for your innovation to cultivate, and it also gets your employees excited about growth and development. It will push them to perform and succeed for you. Providing your team with the resources to be innovative with their work will keep them motivated to succeed. It will allow them to challenge themselves, and execute great results. By providing them with the right tools, and innovation, you are affording them the opportunity to increase their value while working for you.
Collaborate to motivate.
As a leader, it is important that we foster collaboration not only within teams, but between teams. Ask your employees for their input, listen to them, and when possible, implement their ideas and suggestions. Team members that function well together are much more likely to stay motivated throughout a project. If your team is unbalanced, they will be much less effective in their day to day tasks. Collaboration is the key to success when working in a team environment. If you provide them with the tools that allow for collaboration, then they have the ability to work within the team with ease. This will make them more inclined to do so. It is imperative to use the right tools that build the bridge of understanding between teams, and even within a team. In short, these three tips are quite simple. It is merely up to us to use them, implement them and make them a part of our everyday workflow. Ensure collaboration between your ECAD and MCAD with the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector To inspire innovation, learn more about SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD A Proud Millennial, Jaymie Flowers Electronics Product Specialist CAD MicroSolutions Direct Office Line: 519-622-5639 Cell: 519-767-8925 225 Pinebush Rd. Suite 102, Cambridge, ON. N1T 1B9