Keeping money in YOUR pocket Part 5/5 - Via Shielding/Stitching

Eliminate Crosstalk and EMI with Via Shielding/Stitching

  Crosstalk and EMI issues are huge sources of concern when designing for high-speed applications. One method developed to combat this is the use of vias for shielding RF signal traces. With Altium Designer, we've included a simple, powerful tool for setting up via shielding automatically. A via shield is used to create a vertical copper barrier through the PCB, to help reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interference in a route that is carrying an RF signal. A via shield, also known as a via fence or a picket fence, is created by placing one or more rows of vias alongside a signal route. In the image below the net has been shielded by 2 rows of vias.  

Via Shielding in 3D. Also known as a "via fence"

3d_shieldedroute   As well as adding shielding vias along each side of the routing, you can also include shielding copper, as shown in the image below. To do this, enable the Add shielding copper option. This copper is created as a polygon, so it obeys the applicable Clearance and Polygon Connect Style design rules. To give better control of keeping this shielding copper away from the shielded net, the Add Shielding to Net dialog includes an Add clearance cutout option. When this option is enabled a polygon cutout is placed around the shielded net, with its edge set back from the routing at the same Distance as the shielding vias.  

Shielding copper in 2D layout. This adds shielding along each side of the routing.


Watch this video to learn how you can implement Via Stitching and Shielding in Altium Designer

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