Keeping money in YOUR pocket Part 4/5 - Teardrops

Avoid Pad Breakout by using Teardrops 

  Pad breakout is a huge problem in PCB manufacturing, especially when dealing with small and dense boards. Teardrops are one method used by designers to help combat this issue. An enhanced setup dialog, support for neckdowns and T-junctions, and the use of regions instead of individual tracks and arcs, means more control for designers over how teardrops will be implemented. In earlier versions of Altium Designer, teardrops were created from a number of track or arc segments, used to paint the required shape. They are now created from Region objects, requiring only one region per teardrop, which can have either straight or curved edges. It is as easy to remove teardrops, as it is to add them. The advanced setup dialog allows you to enable or disable which objects we would like to remove the teardrops from. Giving us this control saves us time from managing teardrops individually, and we can be confident that pad breakout is no challenge within Altium Designer.   Click the video below to learn how we can prevent Pad Breakout in Altium Designer [embed][/embed]   To learn more, please visit   Jamey Larocque, C.I.D Application Specialist CAD MicroSolutions Inc. 65 International Boulevard, Toronto ON, M9W 6L9 Canada | T: (416) 213-0533 ext 232