Keeping money in YOUR pocket Part 3/5 - Leveraging Altium's 3D Environment

Leveraging the 3D environment in Altium Designer

  Historically, PCBs have been laid out in a 2-dimensional workspace that uses colors to represent the various layers of the PCB. But the physical PCB is a 3 dimensional object, requiring the PCB designer to take the multiple-layer, 2D representation on the screen and map that to a 3D representation in their mind. This challenge was alleviated to some extent by the visualization features offered by some ECAD vendors, including earlier versions of Protel, but these visualization tools did not support true, 3D design. The substantial improvements in video card advancements and the supporting software technology has allowed Altium to develop a solution to this problem - true, 3 dimensional PCB editing. More than simple visualization, AD's capabilities allow the designer to:
  • Perform 3D clearance checking and critically align components with each other and the enclosure.
  • Visually locate connectors and other components requiring access for servicing.
  • Manufacturing processes and the order of assembly can be better defined knowing all mechanical constraints have been accounted for.
  • More detailed hand assembly instructions, user manuals and instructions can be generated using images that are much closer to the reality of what will be seen by a human.
  • Experiment with different colored solder masks in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing product that works well with its enclosure and surroundings.
  • Stakeholders are more easily brought onside when presented with a more concrete view of the end product.
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