Improve your ECAD/MCAD Collaboration with Altium Designer - Part 2/2

Today's sophisticated electronic products come in all manner of unusual shapes and sizes - designing these products demands close collaboration between the mechanical and electronic design teams throughout the development process. Helping with this is the new SOLIDWORKS® PCB Connector, used with Altium Designer, allowing the ECAD and MCAD designers to directly pass design changes back and forth between Altium Designer and SOLIDWORKS®. Make a change to the board shape or the positioning of a critical component in Altium Designer, then click a button to pass those changes across to your fellow designer in SOLIDWORKS. Underlying these collaboration capabilities is an ECAD-MCAD Project Collaboration Server (or Altium Vault), storing the board shape, components and the designers' comments. With the help from the SOLIDWORKS® PCB Connector, Altium Designer includes these features that will ensure efficient and effortless collaboration:   NATIVE 3D PCB EDITING Take your design off the page and into the real world   SEAMLESS ECAD/MCAD DESIGN DATA INTEGRATION Keep your design data flowing seamlessly between ECAD and MCAD environments.
  • Keep your entire design team on the same page with a managed ECAD to MCAD change process for board shape, component placement, and mounting holes.
  • Intelligently link 3D component bodies with your electrical component data together, creating a unified component model that accurately reflects design intent from both design domains.
  • Access a new level of design analysis - open board designs in SolidWorks® with included copper information and take advantage of advanced analysis and simulation options.
Learn more about SolidWorks® PCB Connector here:   CREATE OUTPUT DOCUMENTATION FOR THE ENTIRE PRODUCT DESIGN Easily convey your intent to a manufacturer for all phases of your design
  • Provide your manufacturer with the clearest perspective of how your PCB and components fit into the overall product design with 3D prints of your PCB. Learn More about PCB 3D Prints
  • Easily communicate the complexity of your design intent with detailed videos of your PCB design in 3D, including rigid-flex areas. Learn More about Native 3D PCB
  • Ensure that the components you’ve placed on your board will be available and at the best possible price when it comes time to manufacture with Supplier Links. Learn more about Supplier Links in Altium Designer
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