Excessive Use of Design Tools: Roll the Die

Spending my days working with such powerful design software often tempts me to find ridiculous uses for said design software. In this case the specific design tool I am referring to is SolidWorks, and the ridiculous use is rolling a die. Sure it is easy to find a six sided die which you could roll in real life, but where is the challenge in that. I was teaching the SolidWorks Essentials course, showing how to pattern the pipes on a die to create the desired faces of a die when I had a thought, what if I used SolidWorks to roll this die as well? I then thought about how I could do that. This didn’t take too long there happen to be six standard views orthogonal views and six sides on a die. I recorded a macro of switching between views to see what variables were required to set the view, created a random number generator to give a number between 1 and 6 then set the view to the view for the corresponding number. At this point my students were ready for the next lesson so I had to stop playing, but I will go back to it, maybe I will roll a pair for dice next time. Single Die.SLDPRT - Download Here roll_v2.swp - Download Here

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