Bring the Power of Simulation into a CAD Environment with SolidWorks Simulation

SolidWorks Simulation offers the opportunity to take advantage of the power of simulation within a CAD environment in early design stages. As a result, engineers and designers can take advantage of methods that are fast, inexpensive, and quick to make informed decisions earlier to create a more optimized final product.

The Benefits of Simulation Early in the Design Process

In the past, analysis was performed at the end of the process. The problem with this approach is that if there is a problem, you must start right back at the beginning. This can be an incredibly time-consuming process fraught with the potential for numerous errors. With simulation performed at the beginning of the design process, you gain the ability to test along every step of the development cycle. The risk of over-engineering pieces is eliminated.

Among the primary advantages of SolidWorks Simulation is that it is actually integrated into CAD during the workflow design. This provides the incredible benefit of reducing the learning curve. Additionally, simulations can be integrated completely within the CAD model. As a result, when a design change is desired, it becomes possible to perform an analysis without wasting time on intermediate steps, such as file exporting. The process of setting up a program along with exporting files can easily take hours before you can even move on to running a simulation. With SolidWorks Simulation, this is no longer a worry. In fact, it takes only a few minutes. Furthermore, setting up subsequent simulation is as simple and fast as making alterations to the CAD model.

This professional simulation software is also incredibly easy to use. By meshing a variety of elements, developers were able to ensure the simulation process is as easy to use as possible. While SolidWorks Simulation is not the right tool for a complicated or high level of simulation, it certainly does offer a number of benefits. By utilizing this tool, design engineers and designers are able to reduce the number of partly optimized designs.

CAD has come a long way in the last few years. SolidWorks Simulation is evidence of just how much can be done with the right program, saving designers and design engineers an incredible amount of time while also introducing far greater productivity to the design process. The result is a more accurate final product.

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