Supplier Links and Bill of Materials Setup in Altium Designer

Having instant access to your component’s properties, datasheet, unit pricing and quantities can be extremely beneficial when you’re preparing your project’s Bill of Materials. In this segment, we will explain how to add Live Supplier Links and setup your Bill of Materials.   What is a supplier link? A supplier link is a live data link that contains properties associated to a Supplier Search. A supplier link is added to a component with the schematic design environment.The Supplier Link will contain properties associated with the component such as the Manufacturer, Supplier, Supplier Part Number, Supplier Unit Pricing, access to the component’s datasheet and more.   How to Search for a Supplier Link If you would like to add a Supplier Link to a component, you can access the Supplier Search Panel by opening the System tab near the bottom right of the Workspace, and click on the Supplier Search function. By default, it will search by Comment, Description and Name. Knowing the Part Number of the component you would like search for would make your search more efficient, as well as make sure you’re selecting the proper Supplier Link. Once you’re done adding all desired Supplier Links, you will be able to manage these parameters in your Bill of Materials   Adding Supplier Links to Components in Libraries Supplier Links can be added within the schematic library or schematic document itself. You have the capability to associate Supplier Links to specific schematic symbols if you foresee yourself using that component, with those specifications. If you’re using generic schematic symbols and are unsure of the component you’re going to be using, we can add the supplier link once the component is placed on schematic sheet.

To learn more about grouping parameters in your Bill of Materials, click on the image below to watch the video.

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