SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional Comparison *Workgroup Included

SOLIDWORKS 2016 now has two data management solutions to help manage your critical engineering and CAD data – SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard (included with every license SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium) and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (formerly Enterprise PDM). You can upgrade from SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional without migrating files or data because SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is based on the same architecture as SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. However, you cannot downgrade a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault to a SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault.

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We will be hosting a live webinar demonstration on the features and benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vs. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 11:00am. This webinar will help you decide which system is the right fit for you, and see how data management tools can streamline and revolutionize your engineering workflows. *Workgroup comparison will be included.

If you register and cannot attend the live webinar, you will receive a recording of the webinar.

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The table below shows the functionalities of each license:

Functionality SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard CAD Editor SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Contributor SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Viewer
SOLIDWORKS add-in    
Add and edit SOLIDWORKS files    
Integrated preview for SOLIDWORKS files
Add and edit non-CAD files  
DraftSight add-in  
Add and edit DraftSight files  
Windows Explorer integration
Search tools
Electronic workflow participation

SOLIDWORKS PDM Feature Comparison

The table below highlights the features included with the Standard and Professional versions of SOLIDWORKS PDM and Workgroup PDM created by Austin Dumas.
Features Workgroup PDM SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
Recommended Users 1-5 1-5 5+
Database Limitations N/A 10 Gb (SQL Express) 524 Pb (SQL Server)
RAM Limitations 2 GB (32-bit architecture) 1 GB 128 GB
SOLIDWORKS Compatibility 1 Same Major Release Version Same Major Release Version 2 Previous Major Release Versions
eDrawings Preview
CAD Editor Client
Contributor Client
Viewer Client
Offline Mode
Version Free Variables 2
Number of Workflow States Unlimited 10 Unlimited
Number of Revision Schemes 1 2 Unlimited
Copy Capabilities 3 Limited
Transition Actions between States   Limited 4
DraftSight Professional Add-in  
Notifications- PDM Inbox (Database)  
Integrated Search Tool 5  
Number of Workflows   1
Dedicated Search Tool 5  
API (Macros)  
Content Search (Indexing) 6  
Web Client (Remote Access)  
Notifications- Email (SMTP)    
Multi-Site Replication    
Move Tree    
Search Favorites    
External Viewer Integration 7    
Multi-Document Preview 8    
File and Folder Templates    
Parallel Approvals    
Active Directory and LDAP Login    
Report Generator    
File Categories    
Version Labels (Notes)    
Central Card Lists 9    
Named (Custom) Bill of Materials    
Paste Shared Links 10    
Menu and Toolbar Customization    
Multi-CAD Support 11    
Office Add-in    
Automated Tasks    
Automated Data Import/Export    
Custom Add-in Support    
Dispatch 12    
Item Support 13    
1 Related to the SOLIDWORKS Instance on the client machine. PDM Professional will work with earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS
2 Variables can be updated without the file needing to be checked out
3 'Copy Project' in Workgroup vs. 'Copy Tree' in PDM Standard/Professional
4 Limitations include the inability to have 2 or more transitions to and from the same states and no parallel or automatic transitions (only 'Normal')
5 The Integrated search Tool is pintegrated the PDM Standard/Professional Vault View Interface. The Dedicated Search tool is a separate utility program/window.
6 Ability to use Microsoft Content Indexing for content searching
7 Ability to specify a program to view specific file types. For example, specify Nitro Reader instead of Acrobat Reader to view PDF Files
8 Ability to preview non SOLIDWORKS documents such as Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and 250 other common file formats through PDM preview tab
9 The ability maintain and update list values for data card lists  or selection boxes (i.e. pull-down lists) without having to modify the list values in each card individually
10 Ability to paste links (instead of copying the files) of files from one folder into another folder
11 Abiliy to Access the PDM Add-in AutoCAD, Inventor, ProE and Solid Edge
12 Tool that allows  the automatation of certain tasks without the use of PAIs or custome programming
13 A Item is a collection of metadata and live entirely in the PDM vault. They are treated like physical documents (i.e. check-in/out), but contain no actual files
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