CAD MicroSolutions Announces Expansion to New PCB Design Tool


CAD MicroSolutions Announces Expansion to Product Portfolio with New PCB Design Tool Engineered for SolidWorks

CAD MicroSolutions has announced an expansion to their product portfolio with a new PCB design tool from Altium, the creators of the industry-leading PCB design software Altium Designer. PCBWorks is created specifically for collaboration with mechanical designers using SolidWorks®, and includes a number of features to link design data between electrical and mechanical environments. PCBWorks is available now to purchase through CAD MicroSolutions.

Challenging the Status Quo

Product Experience Evolution  - While the customer experience of a product is all about the electrical and mechanical elements of a design intersecting together to create a seamless whole, the underlying design processes have remained relatively unchanged and separate for years. Mechanical and electrical designers have often been at odds with each other in the design process, having battled with the necessity for collaboration, yet always lacking the proper tools to achieve this balance. PCBWorks improves upon this traditionally separate workflow process between designers by providing a common link that unites both design domains under a collaborative process “The design process is finally following the unified product experience, where all of the separate variables are being treated as one universal whole,” said Lawrence Romine, Director of Global New Business Development at Altium. “PCBWorks is pushing this vision forward, allowing the experts in either design domain to maximize their efficiency while maintaining that common connection with the larger design process." New Design Collaboration Possibilities PCBWorks includes a number of features that intelligently connects design data with mechanical designers in SolidWorks®. Designers no longer have to struggle with current collaboration methods such as STEP importing/exporting. Electrical and mechanical designers can both work in their own workflows while actively pushing design revisions back and forth to keep each other on the same page as the design process progresses towards completion. Design collaboration features in PCBWorks includes:
  • An ECAD/MCAD project collaboration server that links SolidWorks® mechanical models to electrical data into a single managed project. Changes made to either side of the design process can be pushed with a managed Engineering Change Order Process.
  • Parasolid file format natively support in SolidWorks® allows electrical designers to link directly to models for enclosures and component bodies for precise visual accuracy in Native 3D.
  • Extracted copper information from board assemblies provide mechanical designers with more simulation options in SolidWorks® including thermal, vibration, and mechanical simulations.
While PCBWorks focuses heavily on collaboration, it includes all of the latest PCB design technology from Altium, with a unified design environment between schematic capture and PCB layout and a streamlined interface. PCBWorks is available now to purchase through CAD MicroSolutions Inc. We also handle all post-sales, support, and training. Additional information about PCBWorks can be found at Contact Chris Watkinson CAD MicroSolutions Inc. (416) 526-2042

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