Why the Manufacturing Industry Needs the Virtual Twin

In uncertain times that have pushed businesses to work virtually, digital acceleration is needed more than ever. Manufacturing businesses now need to shift workflows in ways that will increase production while still maintaining all required safety regulations. Digital acceleration will allow manufacturers to create optimized contingency plans that consider real-time data and conditions. This is where the Virtual Twin Experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform comes into play and can benefit the manufacturing industry.


What is the Virtual Twin? The Virtual Twin is real-time virtual representations of a product, platform, or ecosystem. They eliminate the need for physical prototypes resulting in reduced market time. The virtual twin is already in action and has a proven track record of helping companies and industries improve the way they grow and operate. With the virtual twin, manufacturers can assess change virtually before implementing it into the real world. They are using learning and experiences from real-world processes in order to update the digital model. This allows manufacturers to adjust safety measures and operations without being physically present at the plant. There are many advantages that are presented with the Virtual Twin, let's take a look at some of them.


Manufacturers can manipulate and evaluate the placement of infrastructure and resources within a 3D workspace. They are able to plan the layout of the factory without the need to be present and can avoid the high costs of layout redesigns through collaboration.


Develop a virtual twin of the factory to optimize the final layout of a complete cell. This can help to minimize risks due to poor layout decisions and lower costs as manufacturers can look for potential issues and validate the use of machinery before implementing them in the layout.


The virtual twin allows manufacturers to optimize process performance through testing alternative product routings and by integrating robotic and human tasks in the production model. Ensure that you are optimizing your production flow to incorporate social distancing measures. This can be done by evaluating real-world scenarios based on worker capacity and safety distancing norms.


Manufacturers now must re-evaluate their workplace safety to ensure social distancing is being enforced. Create a safety bubble around each worker to stimulate social distancing and flow of worker movements with the virtual twin. This allows manufacturers to incorporate safe social distancing measures in their plant and can adhere to health and safety regulations regardless of location.


The virtual twin is designed to ensure business continuity, employee well-being, manufacturing flexibility, and reduced short-term costs. Adapting to new rules and regulations can be quick and easy with Virtual Twin Experience as manufacturers can easily plan and evaluate real-world scenarios that are based on simulation data. If you are interested in learning more about the Virtual Twin Experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform connect with one of our sales specialists today.

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