CAD Micro SolidWorks Tech Tip: Pointing the way with SolidWorks Search

By Jonathan Culm to forget just where you found that split feature that was so helpful in your last model, or exactly what menu you can find the Draft Analysis tool in. Instead of getting frustrated with searching there is a useful search bar to help you out in the top right of your program window which allows you to search for commands. blog image 2 If you start entering the command you are searching for into this search bar it will recommend commands with similar names and you can select the command you want out of that list. Or if you want to learn where the command is normally kept you can click the picture of a pair of glasses that appears when you highlight a command. blog image 1 Clicking these glasses will take control of your mouse temporarily and move it to the position of the command. It will also put a nice big red arrow just in case the location wasn't clear.

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